Bedros Keuilian: Honing the Immigrant Edge

by Warrior Poet Society

Bedros Keuilian knows what it means to fight for what matters and to earn every inch of ground in his decades-long effort to build a successful business in America. His journey is the warrior's journey. 

Bedros knows what it actually means to pursue the American dream, beginning with his childhood years in a family pursued by the KGB as they attempted to escape Soviet-occupied Armenia to their early days in America dumpster diving for food for their family. 

He is founder and president of Fit Body Boot Camp, a wildly successful international fitness and personal training enterprise three times listed in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 500 fastest growing franchises in the world. He's the author of the Wallstreet Journal Bestseller Man Up: How To Cut The BS and Dominate In Business and In Life

As many in our current culture seem to be diving headfirst into a life of ease, comfort, and government control, Bedros pleads with men and women to take the hard path, the path of greater resistance, the path that ultimately leads to freedom as we challenge the status quo and eradicate from our lives the lazy luxuries that lead to our demise.

The Project

"I know what being broke is. I know what it means to wait for hours in line for moldy cheese and bread in Armenia," Bedros said in an interview about his struggle before and after arriving in America. 

"Even in the worst case scenario in the United States, all I saw was opportunity. It takes having the work ethic, seeing the opportunity, hustling hard after it to get it. I've made it my mission to instill this immigrant edge in everyone I come across." 

We're excited to be featuring Bedros Keuilian and his documentary The Project on the Warrior Poet Society Network.

The Project details the journey he and several other men took to develop the Modern Day Knight Project, an initiative that resonates with what we are doing at the Warrior Poet Society to help individuals grow stronger for their families and communities in the face of an ever-weakening society. 

The MDK Project is a 75-hour experience designed to rebuild men into their better selves, but this transformation doesn't come without a price–namely a days-long, carefully crafted slog that reveals then steels your weaknesses. 

Bedros' rise from communist fugitive and refugee to fitness and performance coach is ultimately the inspiring story of a warrior's journey, a journey through hardship that made him unstoppable.

Train Hard. Train Smart. Let Hardship Make You Unstoppable.