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I joined the USCCA after months of consideration (and yes reluctance because I didn’t want to spend another dollar on things I already knew or would never need). Since that time I’ve continued to be impressed with the USCCA and decided to become an affiliate partner.

Why did I join USCCA?

We all know that being prepared to use a firearm means so much more than just buying a gun and tracking down a box of ammunition.

The USCCA gets it too.  They understand that no matter how long you have owned your firearm you can always hone your skills.  They know that if you just purchased a firearm, you have tons of questions about the law and how to use it.  They are intensely focused on responsibility, safety and preparedness.  They know that you too take those things seriously and, in addition to becoming educated and trained, may be interested  in self-defense liability or concealed carry insurance–even though you recognize that no insurance product is going to save your life..

That’s why the USCCA wants to teach you first, how best to avoid an incident in the first place and second to react swiftly and lawfully if ever faced with a threat.  That’s how responsibly armed American can stop crimes and save lives.

USCCA Members get exclusive tools, guides, and resources to help them plan for the unknown.  They receive lifesaving training developed by self-defense experts and delivered through their online Protector Academy. 

In addition to all of their great education and training materials, the USCCA has purchased and holds an insurance policy that provides the association and its members with self defense liability insurance.* 

If you aren’t going to go USCCA, I would recommend CCW Safe as an extremely attractive option as well. I almost went with them.

Cost of USCCA Membership

I thought it important to add, that USCCA has a Gold, Platinum, and Elite memberships that cost:

  • $299 per year for Gold (or $348 if you choose monthly payments of $29),
  • $399 per year for Platinum (or $468 if you choose monthly payments of $39), and
  • $499 per year for Elite (or $588 if you choose monthly payments of $49).

Additionally, I was able to add my wife as a member for between $50-$100 for the year (sorry I forgot the exact number, but I know it was cheap).

Is USCCA Membership Really Worth It?

I personally think I spend way too much on all sorts of subscriptions, DO I REALLY NEED THIS?

Maybe not, but. since I carry a gun everyday, I cannot help but read the terrain.

Folks, we live in an age of non-accountability. 

One of the most surprising things I learned from a recent interview I had with renowned author and attorney Andrew Branca, is that you can be perfectly in the right, you still lose everything you’ve got. Consider this haunting quote from Branca’s famous book ‘The Law of Self Defense’:

“Beginning before the smoke has even cleared, the justice system kicks into gear like a massive steam-era machine, with monstrous gears and pistons, to evaluate your actions under a microscope and crush you for a misstep.”

Every move you make when faced with a self-defense incident has to be calculated, rehearsed and executed to perfection.  Anything less puts your life and freedom in jeopardy.

You must be educated and trained to react or respond appropriately and within the confines of the law.  And even then, you’re going to be accountable for your actions.  Indeed, it’s very possible that you’re going to have to defend your actions in court. That may seem jacked up, terrifying or even unjust, but it’s the world we live in.

If you want to be truly prepared, become educated, trained and insured.

Learn More About the USCCA

Become a USCCA Instructor