The Violence Gap: How to Handle a Wolf on a Sidewalk

It's a truth universally acknowledged that predators are looking for an easy meal, but some are hungrier or crazier than others and willing to fight harder to subdue their prey. Martial arts master Alan Baker's "sidewalk test" trains defenders in how to negotiate, de-escalate, when to use force, how to neutralize an aggressor, and otherwise become a hard target for wolves. Sometimes it's diffi

The Signature Series WPSM4A1

When I (John Lovell) got out of the military, I bought myself a nice, shiny, new Daniel Defense rifle. It was the first high-quality rifle I had ever owned, and I knew exactly what manufacturer I was going to for it. Now, many years - and rounds - later, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with DD to create a one-of-a-kind tool that's dripping with beauty and performance alike. We packed in

The Strong Man Test

What do you think of when you think of a strong man? Strong Man competitions? Stacked and bearded guys tossing large timbers, chopping logs, etc.? The tatted-up guys on Harleys? What do you picture? What does it mean to be a strong man? Physically speaking, those guys might exhibit some strong man attributes, but what about the other measurements? It's important to think about what image you h

Pistol Compensators: Worth the Cost or Waste of Money?

A quality pistol compensator can make you a better shot through recoil management and getting you back on target more quickly. But is now the right time for you to add this accessory to your EDC pistol kit? We (John Lovell and Paul Perkerson) went to the range with the War Poet MR920 and CR920 to explore how well compensators work to reduce recoil. We also tested a few others factors, such as

How to Escape a Headlock

Headlocks are no joke. If you've ever experienced the awkwardness and vulnerability of a guillotine or other headlock positions, you probably understand the importance (and difficulty) of escaping one. It is possible, though, and should be done as quickly as possible in an actual violent encounter. They are dangerous, but so are you--with proper technique and training. Former Ranger and Specia

Are You A Doomsday Hobbyist or Realist? Here's How You Can Tell.

I (John Lovell) am a bit (a lot) of a prepper, and like any prepper, I can geek out on things like emergency food, water, gear, guns, and ammo. I like thinking through scenarios of what might happen and how to respond when/if the "end of the world" comes upon us. I mean I don't like pondering the demise of society, but I like to be mentally prepared for it. But most people who think they're prep

Rifle Sling Setup and Why It Matters

A well-placed rifle sling has a profound impact on performance and speed with your weapon. This essential accessory, wisely selected and properly installed, will provide unencumbered movement and seamless transitions when performing tactical tasks. Why do slings matter so much? As you probably know, the point of a sling is to hold your rifle close to your body, to keep it ready for action, all…

Should Civilians Have Access to Military Weapons and Training?

What did America’s founding fathers have in mind about lethal tools and tactics when penning the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution? Back then the right to bear arms and organize a well-trained militia were the only means for the fledgling country to defend against invasion and tyrannical rule. What about today? Back in 1776 and in the decades after, families knew how to protect themselves, co

From Mat to Muzzle: Defensive Tactics with Sifu Alan Baker

John and I (Sifu Alan Baker) share a mutual affection for sushi, which has brought us together time and time again over the past few years. Our get-togethers transformed into a solid friendship, where topics ranged from our shared hobbies to more personal matters. Work, particularly the realm of defensive tactics, was never a central discussion point—until one day earlier this year. As we delv

3 Ways to IMMEDIATELY Spot GOOD or BAD Character

How can you tell if someone’s a good or bad person? I’m (John Lovell) not talking necessarily about the Spidey senses that help you avoid immediate danger, but rather the kind of markers of the type of person who, if you make them a confidante, might cause you trouble months or years down the road. How can you tell a person of character from a con artist or a wolf in sheep’s clothing? I've lea

3 Inexpensive Mystery Guns to Try in 2023

I (John Lovell) decided this year to buy three guns that I normally would never purchase. They're not in my wheelhouse for a variety of reasons, but that doesn't mean they're not worth a try. So I branched out to see how some less expensive guns would hold up under action on the range.#1: ATI Omni Hybrid 300 Blackout This polymer AR-15 300 Blackout made me nervous from the start because plasti