St. Patrick the Warrior Poet

St. Patrick's Day traditions might conjure up plenty of imagery and memories for all of us. The St. Patrick's Day parades, first popularized by Irish immigrants celebrating their heritage in the streets of New York after arriving during Ireland's potato famine. The dyed-green river in Savannah and other cities. Green beer. The color green worn as protection against being pinched or punched. Those …

How Suffering Can Save Us All

The natural inclination of nearly all humans is to avoid suffering. We basically will rearrange our entire lives so that we can avoid suffering—especially in the lavish wealth and comfort provided to us in America. Our primitive selves see suffering as a threat to our survival. But really, comfort, not suffering, is what's causing us to crumble and melt like snowflakes. The right kinds of suffer

A Warrior in the Garden - Why You Should Train with Paul Perkerson, The Battle Gnome.

When Paul Perkerson came calling at Warrior Poet a few years back, we listened.  "Actually, my wife made me go," Paul recounts. "Evan introduced me to John, and John fell in love with me. The end." Anyway…  While it might not have been love at first sight, it was "extreme like" within minutes. Paul spent years in an Army Airborne division on clandestine Long Range Surveillance …

3 Reasons You Should NOT Upgrade Your Gun's Trigger

When it comes to shooting speed and accuracy, everyone wants a competitive edge. The question though is whether upgrading your pistol with a custom trigger is really the best option for your purposes. Maybe in a later blog post I'll address the best trigger upgrades, but for the purposes of this article I want to talk about why upgrading your trigger does not actually make you a better shooter.D

The Best Bang for Your Buck Combat Loadout

Maybe you're not kicking in doors with the 2nd Ranger Battalion or deploying to combat, but you still want to have a decent tactical loadout so you're ready for the zombies or other combat-like applications. It never hurts to be ready with some good solid gear and to do it without going broke. Here's my "Best Bang for the Buck" full combat setup that'll hold up under training and other situati

President's Day: Can a President Make or Break a Nation?

Alexander the Great is famously quoted as saying, "I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion."  And this bit of ancient wisdom is more pertinent for America today than it's been in a very long time. A Commander in Chief should have a convincing roar, and the fangs, claws and strength to back that roar up.  Let me just add, t…

Warrior Poet Life Hacks for Saving Time on the Range

Let's be honest. For most gun owners, it's a real challenge to get in a lot of hours at the range and in training classes mastering their weapons for tactical use. So my priority is not to chastise you for not shooting enough. Rather I want to be sure that every minute you spend at the range provides you with as much benefit as possible. So hopefully you'll get more out of it in less time and wi

The World's Best Hiking Tips from an Army Ranger

Recently on a Warrior Poet trip to Kenya, Evan and I (John Lovell) took a long hike with our group up the inactive volcano Mount Longonot. This 13-mile trek up to 9,000 feet reminded me of some easily-forgotten hiking basics that I learned as a soldier and Army Ranger.  In addition to making sure you carry the basics like plenty of hydration (PRO TIP: sip, don't chug, your water as you hik

Can Design Change the Gun World?

Historically, the tactical industry hasn’t been characterized by its iconic or original branding. Many 2A companies fall into the habit of adopting the same designs and symbols that consumers have come to expect from a business that touts masculinity and self defense. Commonplace are seemingly infinite renditions of tattered American flags, bald eagles, bullet holes, and shell casings.Warrior Poet…

The WPS Rifle Sling - Something Different

The WPS Rifle Sling is the result of decades of R&D on the battlefield of Afghanistan, Iraq, and other tactical environments.Early on in the global war on terrorism, before this huge industry blew up with a thousand options for how to customize a weapon, I just wasn’t impressed with what I was issued in the Rangers. This is why I started making my own rifle slings. I took a section of tubular nyl…