Cobalt Kinetics Pro Series Review

If you're looking for a high-end AR-15 with premium features out of the box, the Cobalt Kinetics Pro Series might be the one for you. We've ran this through the ringer with nearly 3,000 rounds and have nearly zero negative and lots of positive things to say about this rifle. This is a direct impingement-driven rifle chambered in 5.56. The upper receiver is constructed in 7075-T6 billet alumin

Get Started Now with Concealed Carry

If you’re thinking about or just getting started with carrying a concealed firearm, learn step-by-step how to begin and what to avoid from John Lovell.  If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve bought a pistol or are at least a few steps closer to buying a pistol. Congratulations. You’ve made a nominal gesture toward being safer and protecting those you love. But if that pistol is not

Freedom Isn't Free: A Patriotic Rant by John Lovell

I remember my first visit to Washington D.C. many years ago as a child and I can recall the immense respect, sentimentality and nostalgia I felt visiting the National Mall, the Memorials and Monuments and the halls of power. It was a humbling experience then to consider all the brave men and women who founded our nation and the brave men and women who continued to make tough decisions and sacrif

Why I Have No College Fund for My Kids

Because I love my children and I care about the future of our country and this world, and because I care deeply about their education, I've decided not to set up a "college fund" for my kids. I think there was a time when universities taught students how to read and think deeply, and a few decades ago it seemed like you needed a university degree in order to do well in life. I certainly believe

Quick Tip: Get Your EDC Pistol Mission Ready

After a day on the range or other application, here's how you ensure your EDC is ready for duty.Whatever your mission context is, if you've used your pistol for anything other than your typical prep, it needs to be put back into the right configuration—home defense, EDC, duty pistol, etc. It's Crucial to Develop A Repeatable ProcessThis is called your administrative load, the first load of the d…

The Budget MP5 - The Zenith Firearms ZF-5 Review

John Lovell runs some rounds at the range through this MP5 clone from Zenith Firearms and offers his thoughts on this updated take on the iconic MP5 design, made wildly popular in the 80s and 90s through movies like Die Hard. It was also a weapon platform made popular among warriors experiencing its compactness, accuracy and durability in CQB.  It only took me a few minutes of running and g

C.S. Lewis, Narnia and The Dangerous Risks of Cowardice

I have been struck, a bit like a shovel to the face, by certain lines from a series of children's books you may have heard of —The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. There's one line in particular I've been chewing on recently as I've been reading the books to my boys, and it has to do with a certain kind of cowardice.  That's right. I've been wrecked by a children's story. I was read

Do You Need to Retrain in the Fundamentals?

It can be easy for shooters to lose sight of the foundational practices, or ignore them entirely, by trying to use "what works" in the moment. Unfortunately, "success" with a suboptimal practice turns into failure in the long run as undisciplined habits are formed. Don't short circuit your training and development as a shooter by taking shortcuts. Learn it right the first time and correct mistak

The Rifle Stock Sock - For Your Mission Essentials

The combat-tested and weekend warrior-approved Stock Sock provides a convenient storage accessory for your rifle. It expands to keep mission-essential items ready and accessible during hog hunts and tactical scenarios, all strapped securely to your rifle stock. The Stock Sock was the brainchild of our friend and colleague Sam Houston, a combat veteran who came across the Stock Sock ide

Boyhood Is A Gift, Not a Disease

Instead of treating boyhood as a disease and medicating the energy and fight out of our sons, what if we taught them to use those God-given gifts in ways that will strengthen and protect families and communities from the real dangers that threaten us all?  In the words of Matt Walsh: "Boyhood is not a disease." But we seem to treat it like it is, especially within the education and medica

The Controversy Continues: 29 Rounds in a 30-Round Mag

John Lovell insists on a "minus-one" magazine load when operating his AR-15, a slightly controversial practice that he says helps strengthen his tactical reloads. While some shooters might call this wholly unnecessary, John says leaving one round out ensures more reliability in how your magazine performs during a tactical reload. I (John Lovell) admit that I love my AR-15 and I love tactical …