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Pistol 1


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Warrior Poet Society Pistol 1 Training Course/Class Overview

This 1 day course lays the foundation for all future pistol training. Safety, range etiquette, clearing, loading, equipment, fundamentals of fire, draw-stroke, clearing stoppages, common mistakes, and warrior mindset are the main subjects tackled in this essential course. Though this training is designed for beginners, the subject matter and technique allows students to build realistic skills that can survive the test of stress and small time constraints.

Instructors: Paul Perkerson / John Lovell

Who Can Attend?

  • All U.S citizens ages 18 and up that are legally allowed to own/purchase/possess a firearm. 

What Do You Need?



Refund Policy for Classes Purchased

  • If you cancel 60 or more days before the class date, you will receive a 50% refund
  • If you cancel 59-30 days before the class date, you will receive a 25% refund
  • If you cancel less than 30 days before the class date, you will receive no refund

You may shoot reloaded ammo (at your own risk) or steel case (except at Dalton, GA courses, which are BRASS ONLY). You MAY NOT shoot any steel penetrating core, i.e. NATO green tip. We recommend Fiocchi ammo if you are looking for reliable ammo at good price.

For all training related questions please contact




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  • 5
    Great Course for all skill levels

    Posted by W. Brown on Mar 5th 2024

    Took Pistol 1,2 & Rifle 1,2,3 in Immokalee. Pistol 1 was a great course that covered more than the typical fundamentals you will learn at your local range. No matter how much experience you have, you should not skip this course. I learned more in Pistol 1 than I expected to learn in the whole week. Paul, Sam, Josh are on point. You will not regret taking this training. It was so good I will likely take it again.

  • 5
    Life Changing Experience

    Posted by Brad on Feb 17th 2024

    Life changing experience! Paul, Sam and Josh are nothing short of spectacular. I went into this class with a lifetime of firearm use, training and thought I knew a lot. Boy was I wrong. John and Paul have developed a “true” training system for the citizen soldier. If you are questioning whether or not you should take Pistol 1 the answer is yes! While this class touches on the fundamentals it is a high-paced, high-energy training that sets the tone for your classes to come. I highly recommend it, no matter your level of experience! Paul’s ability to articulate his lessons is outstanding. The humor and personal attention you get from Paul, Sam and Josh throughout the class is awesome. All three play off of one another making the class fun, while giving you the individual attention you need to improve. My only regret with this class is that I did not take it sooner.

  • 5
    Woman Warrior Poet

    Posted by Jill Stewart on Feb 16th 2024

    The training with Paul, Sam, and Josh was amazing. I took pistol 1 & 2, and Rifle 1 in Immokalee . Aside from their clear experience and knowledge of firearms, their ability to teach and train was superb. I was one of only a couple of women in the class and all I can say is men BRING YOUR WIVES! Why just buy her a pistol for protection but not offer the training to use it. I heard so many of the men in all 3 of the classes mention their wife at home who has a pistol but is afraid to shoot it, or doesn’t feel comfortable carrying it. Give the gift of training AND have a partner in preparedness! The trainers were supportive and attentive to all levels of experience. I can’t wait to book my next training experience with WPS. Newport Pigs in a Blanket.

  • 5
    Pistol Fundamentals

    Posted by Seth on Feb 2nd 2024

    Just wrapped up Pistol 1&2 with Paul and Sam and the boys brought it. I’ve taken a handful of pistol classes in the past (including Pistol 1&2 with WPS) and it’s still just as relevant to me as to the family I brought that had almost no firearm experience. The class was different from the class I took in 2022, which shows that Paul is constantly improving his teaching techniques to stay at the forefront of the industry. I’ve taken classes with other groups and Paul and Sam do such a great job instructing that I would recommend them over every other class I’ve taken. Whether you have ten thousand rounds down range or 100 you’ll find things to improve and work on.

  • 5
    Pistol 1 Fundamentals

    Posted by Larsson on Jul 19th 2023

    Paul is an amazing shooter and is able to articulate his wealth of knowledge on pistol shooting in a way that's easy to understand. He takes the time to answer questions so you really feel like you got your money's worth of training and information!

  • 5
    PISTOL 1&2 RIFLE 1,2&3

    Posted by JASON ANDERSON on Apr 10th 2023

    Just finished taking pistol 1&2 and rifle 1,2&3 with Paul & Josh and all I can say is what an amazing week. Not only the skills that was taught with both pistol and rifle but the way they teach is so easy to understand. Paul is great at what he does and would highly recommend any class he teaches. I wasn't expecting Josh to be there but what a treat to have him there. Josh is a great instructor and when you get Paul and Josh together they make the class so entertaining and fun at the same time they are teaching you all the fundamentals and advanced skills to become a better protector. If you're holding off on taking these classes like I was just because you want "John Lovell" as an instructor I'm here to say Paul and Josh were absolutely great. I would like to train with the man himself John Lovell also but I would train anything Paul and Josh teach and feel just as warm and tingly inside as I would with John Lovell. Don't wait just sign up and do it you will not regret it !!

  • 5
    Excellent training team

    Posted by Loren Chassels on Dec 20th 2022

    Sam, Josh, and Paul make an excellent team. Their weapon skills are only surpassed by their teaching skills. I highly recommend this course and these instructors.

  • 5
    Pistol 1 BigFork,MT

    Posted by Edward Benedict on Aug 30th 2022

    Paul and Sam are the ultimate enigma, the yin and yang of instructors. Both highly knowledgable and skilled. The trigger manipulation itself was a gem to learn. Improved my follow on shots, to be accurate and fast. i refined out ma grip and stance. They helped me out in drawing from holster, in an efficient and practical way. Awesome training guys. Thank you, eddiebeans.

  • 5
    Pistol 1 WPS

    Posted by Doug N on Aug 29th 2022

    I'm amazed that after 32 years of using/carrying a pistol professionally, that there is still more to learn. Paul and Sam have a depth and breadth of knowledge that is relevant and practical. Pistol 1 is a must for beginners and experienced shooters alike!


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