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MOLLE 1.75″ Double Belt Rig - Blue Alpha

Warrior Poet Society

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Double Belt Rigs are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks from the purchase date for order processing, creation, and fulfillment

NOTE: If you would like to have a different color for your inner belt, please specify it in the order notes upon checkout. 

1.75" Tactical Gun Battle Belt Rig With Velcro Inner Belt - Blue Alpha Gear

Made In USA

The Blue Alpha Double Belt Rig is crafted as a versatile, load-bearing utility war belt, capable of accommodating all your gear. Load it with an OWB holster, mag carriers, pouches, and any other essentials. The 1.75" outer belt securely fastens to the 1.5" inner belt using top-notch hook and loop technology. Thread the inner belt through your belt loops, and the outer belt attaches over them, enabling a swift and effortless removal of the outer belt while the inner belt maintains the position of your pants. The MOLLE version has MOLLE loops on the exterior and is designed to be compatible will MOLLE spec gear.

Details: Tactical Outer Battle Belt

  • Double layered nylon webbing measuring 1.75"
  • MOLLE loops on exterior to mount compatible MOLLE gear
  • A 1.75" COBRA® Buckle featuring an optional D-Ring COBRA® Buckle
  • Inner lining with a 1.5" hook-and-loop (Velcro) surface
  • Adjustment end is secured with elastic for a flexible and secure fit

Standard Overlap Inner Battle Belt

  • 1.5" loop velcro outer lining
  • 1.5" single layer nylon webbing
  • Straighforward buckle-free design
  • Color Matching to Outer Belt

Low Profile EDC/Inner Belt

  • 1.5" double layer nylon webbing
  • 1.5" loop velcro outer lining
  • Same design as our Low Profile EDC belt but with velcro outer lining
  • Functional as EDC belt when not being used as inner belt
  • Color Matching to Outer Belt

Commonly Asked Questions & Tips for our MOLLE Double Belt Rig:

Sizing Note: Order your war belt based on the pants size you wear, no need to order a larger size for an outer belt, it has been calculated in. Our belts are designed to work +1 and -1 size, for example a 34 belt will also fit 32 and 36. If you feel like you are in between two sizes or can't decide which of two sizes to choose, we recommend the larger size. There is a Size Chart in the photos. Belts are made to order.

Double Belt Rigs are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks from the purchase date for order processing, creation, and fulfillment. Orders with multiple items may be sent in separate shipments depending on availability. Thank you for supporting small business. 

For all Tactical Belt Exchanges: Please fill out this form in order to process any exchanges. Sizing exchanges are completely free in the US for the first 30 days!


Molle Double Battle Belt Rig FAQ's - Battle Belt Guidelines

1. How long will it take for me to receive my Molle battle belt?

Our MOLLE tactical belt rigs are custom made to order, with a lead time of 2-5 weeks from the date the order was placed depending on demand.

2. Can my outer and inner belt be different colors for the double belt rig?

Absolutely. Just include your color choice for the inner belt in the notes section when you place your order.

3. What is the difference between the Standard Belt Rig and the MOLLE Belt Rig?

Our MOLLE Rig’s outer belt features MOLLE webbing so you can easily add attachments for any operation.

4. What items are generally considered "essentials" for a battle belt? What should you carry or configure on your own battle belt?

The gear on your belt will likely differ depending on your specific needs/context. Common essentials for a combat belt are magazine pouches, magazines, tourniquets, medical gear, holster, dump pouch, and a blade.

5. How should the tactical battle belt fit?

The simplest answer as to how tight your MOLLE Double Belt Rig should be is: as tight as you need it. You should be able to attach the belt to your waist comfortably while still maintaining some flexibility for movement. You want the belt to be secure enough that you can walk, run, and jump without the belt moving much. As a test, you should try jumping up and down with your belt on to ensure that your gear and attachments stay firmly in place while subjected to movement. 

6. Where should your battle belt sit?

Your battle belt should sit on your waistline, typically where a normal belt would be worn. To maximize funtionality of your battle belt, you should ensure that you can easily reach any gear that you have mounted on your belt, such as spare magazines, knives, gloves, tourniquets/medical, etc. The most important item to consider when placing your war belt on your body is where your holster and firearm will sit. Prioritize the location of your firearm to be in the most easily and readily drawn location, and go from there.

7. Does a battle belt go through belt loops?

Yes and no. The MOLLE Double Belt Rig features an innovative double belt design that consists of both an inner velcro EDC belt and an outer belt. This two-belt system allows the outer gear-loaded belt to be quickly and easily removed when necessary without needing to thread the inner belt back out through each belt loop. The inner belt is fed through your belt loops to secure the rig to your body. The outer belt is then attached to the inner belt and placed over your belt loops for a secure, comfortable, load-bearing system.

8. What makes a good battle belt?

A good battle belt or war belt is rigid enough to provide stable retention to any attachments, especially when subjected to movement and/or field use, without being too restrictive of an operator's movement. The belt should offer a signifcant load-bearing capacity that is not compromised by mission-specific loadouts and gear. A good battle belt should have the ability to accomodate an OWB or drop-leg holster while also supporting spare magazine pouches, blades, medical, and other common essentials. 

Additionally, a good battle belt should feature MOLLE webbing as it is a standard in tactical applications and will allow the user to securely attach a wide range of gear to their belt. 

Another excellent feature of a battle belt is the ease with which it can be put on and removed. Due to the innovative double belt feature of the MOLLE Double Belt Rig, this belt can be secured and removed in seconds.

9. Are battle belts necessary?

While battle belts are not a necessity, they will drastically enhance your efficiency, efficacy, and functionality in tactical or first-response scenarios. In life or death situations, having life-saving gear such as a firearm or medical equipment ready to be deployed at an arm's reach can often mean the difference between a good outcome and a bad one. 

10. Should I put pouches directly on my outer battle belt?

We encourage each operator or user to set up their battle belts according to their unique context and mission requirements. With that being said, we would generally reccomend attaching magazine pouches directly to the outer belt. The esstac magazine pouches we offer are designed to attach to the belt's MOLLE webbing via malice clips and will provide a secure platform for mounting your spare magazines. In addition to magazine pouches, we would also reccomend attaching a medical pouch, trauma kit, or IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) to your battle belt.

We also offer an attachable dump pouch, which is another common item found on many battle belt setups. 

Blue Alpha Belt – Tactical War Belt for Military, LE, and Range Use

Here is my (John Lovell) #1 pick for the best tactical belt out there: The Blue Alpha Double Rig Belt. The magic of this tactical battle belt is that it allows you to have the load bearing capability of the bigger battle belts while still maintaining the low-profile design of a smaller duty belt. If you would like to see a video review of the belt, scroll down. Here’s the magic of the Blue Alpha belt:

  • Keeps gear tight to the body without causing discomfort. An extremely rigid design coupled with an inner velcro belt, allows even weight distribution. Without both of these elements, I’ve found low-profile belts cause me to get hot spots where the majority of the weight was focused. Additionally, equipment has a tendency to ‘flop around’, which is a real nuisance when running.
  • Quick on and off – The inner velcro belt allows you the ability to quickly remove or put on your outer load-bearing belt. A member of the military, a police officer, and anyone who wears gear for long periods of time, can attest to the convenience this belt brings!
  • MOLLE webbing – MOLLE pouches and/or belt-mounted pouches can securely mount to the Blue Alpha belt. The belt is 1.75″ with two thin rows of MOLLE webbing and a cobra buckle. This setup means it is exactly big enough to mount equipment without adding extra weight and bulk.

The Blue Alpha double belt rig is the latest evolution in tactical belts.


I remember when I first started trying to piece together a good tactical belt. The battle belt I got (in Multicam of course) was a bulky mess of MOLLE webbing and plastic gadgetry. I loved that I could put pouches and accessories anywhere and that the weight distribution felt great. That is, until I needed to run and gun. As soon as I started moving fast, the whole thing seemed to take on a life of it’s own, and man, that thing would heat up! When I took it off, I would have a donut ring of sweat around my waist.

After my departure from the ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ war belt mentality, I returned back to just a simple range / duty belt. With a smaller belt, I had to make the decision to limit what I carried to just the basics: my pistol, 2 spare pistol magazines, 1 rifle magazine, my medical kit, and a dump pouch. The problem with this setup is that any prolonged use caused pretty bad discomfort.

The Blue Alpha belt is the latest evolution in tactical belts because it gives you the best of both worlds: the battle belt / war belt AND the low-viz range / duty belt. Pick one up in Multicam, coyote, black, etc.

*UPDATE: We liked the Blue Alpha belt so much we collaborated to make a WARRIOR POET version. It sounds sexier than it is. We just co-branded it. Enjoy Poets!

John Lovell’s War/Battle Belt Setup:

  • 5
    Your shopping stops here

    Posted by James Osborne on Mar 28th 2024

    I am amazed at both belts, inner and outer. I wear the inner on the daily and the outer when I wanna feel cool again. The inner is so comfortable, light, and supportive. Ease of adjustment is perfect. Being able to remove the carry holster and have the outer belt on and ready, to start shooting on the range in just a few seconds, is eye catching. Just take your time and set it up right the first time. Hats off to Warrior Poet Society and Blue Alpha for this one!

  • 5
    Excellent Belt

    Posted by Andrew Rodriguez on Feb 1st 2024

    My new favorite belt, the fit is great, very comfortable, and supports my gear perfectly.

  • 5
    Exceeds Expectations

    Posted by Eric Smith on Oct 9th 2023

    Good quality. Easy to use. I love that the inner belt functions as an EDC belt. One of the more comfortable belts I've worn. Low profile, looks great, performs great. What more could you ask? Worth every penny.

  • 5
    Third times the charm

    Posted by Brian Wynn on Dec 26th 2022

    Been happy with my prior purchase before, so, Purchased the belt for a third time and in a third color with this solid all around gear Belt and have no expectations of disappointment. already have ODG and MC versions, so to add to being prepared, going with the black to round out the trifecta for gear prep.

  • 5
    Blue Alpha Molle Double Belt Rig

    Posted by Alex Sexton on Nov 30th 2022

    I absolutly love this setup, the inner and outer belt system keeps everything compleatly secure, and everything is really high quality. Highly recomend.

  • 5
    Duty belt

    Posted by Robert minor on Oct 7th 2022

    I purchased this belt about 8 months ago and have used it daily for work. I’m a Border Patrol Agent on the southern border of Texas and I can promise you if I tell you it’s durable then it is. This belt has taken abuse everyday since the day it arrived and nothing has changed. The under belt is even still holding up. I’ve gone through two safari land holster and multiple pouches during this time. If you work in Law enforcement or just want something that will last this is a good option. If you still use keepers your outdated and don’t know what you’re missing out on with this belt.

  • 5
    What I should of got along time ago

    Posted by Dave Buzby Gunning on Aug 15th 2022

    This is the best belt and I should of gotten it along time ago! It is made to last and if you are like me working on losing weight and becoming smaller that is no problem with this belt. Id say buy your size now and the belt with adjust to your size layer! I am a 42 waist and i got the 44 size and it will adjust down to 38 and maybe even to 36! It is worth the money for this belt and I am one of the kind of people the has a bunch of different battle belts and most of them fit ok to not really good! This belt by WPS fits perfect and to the size you order. I highly recommend it! Like John says best bang for your buck!

  • 5
    great belt you wont regret it!

    Posted by dillon dado on Apr 27th 2022

    Very nice belt

  • 5

    Posted by Dakota Cameron on Mar 20th 2022

    This belt is a TANK

  • 4
    Solid Belt, Good Value

    Posted by Caleb on Feb 10th 2022

    Purchased about a year ago, this 2 piece belt has been used during competitive shooting and long range sessions, and the inner belt for EDC. Sturdy construction, does not bend and sag under weight, and the outer belt build quality is fantastic. While the belt is overall of good quality, I have found that the threads stitching the inner belt have began coming out in a few months. It is still very much usable, but it is a bit tiresome cutting loose threads every few days. Overall 4/5, only losing 1 star due to inner belt threads.

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