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Medical 1 Course Overview

If you are the first person on the scene of a medical emergency, would you know what to do? Using a combination of lecture and hands-on practical application, our instructors are going to give you the knowledge and tools to provide life-saving care when every second counts and first responder assets are still minutes away.

Medical 1 focuses on the most likely type of injuries that you may have to treat in a civillian environment. This course is designed to teach how to bridge the gap between the inicident and EMS, for civillians who have little to no med experience/training. After taking this class, students will have learned vital first aid applications that they can use under pressure. 

Instructor: Pat Krentz

Pat Krentz joins the WPS training staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the medical field in both civilian and active duty environments. He has 22 years of experience as a paramedic, 19 years as a critical care flight paramedic, 7 years as a government contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan working as a Protective Security Detail (PSD) team medic and Search and Rescue (SAR) medic, and is currently a director for an aeromedical company in Idaho.

Who Can Attend?

  • Anyone over the age of 18.

What Do You Need?

  • Pen & Paper

  • Training IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) will be provided. 


  • Lots of water/snacks 

Refund Policy for Classes Purchased 

  • If you cancel 60 or more days before the class date, you will receive a 50% refund
  • If you cancel 59-30 days before the class date, you will receive a 25% refund
  • If you cancel less than 30 days before the class date, you will receive no refund
  • If you would like to reschedule your training, please contact our support team at least 30 days before the class date to receive your credit for future training. If we do not hear from you before then, you will not be eligible to receive any credit.

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5 Stars
Medical 1

Pat did a phenomenal job at getting us comfortable with everything you might find in an IFAK along with how and when to properly apply it. He brought his extensive real world experience to the table to help lead a course best suited for the average civilian. I highly recommend this course and would suggest adding Medical 2 to your training as well.