The Warrior Poet Society Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift (That’s Also For You) Let’s face it. Without our mothers we wouldn’t be here. At all. Because of their love and dedication as the cornerstone of our families, we have families and communities worth loving and protecting. And that’s why this Mother’s Day we want to offer a few ways you can give back to your moms and the mother of your children with some gift

Journey Through Egypt in 2023 with Warrior Poet Society

This is not one of those "walk in the footsteps of Joseph as he runs from Potiphar's wife" type trips. This is a once-in-a-lifetime journey through one of the earliest empires in the world—where statehood, nationhood, political structures, and architectural and artistic movements germinated on a large scale to shape the face and future of humanity. You've probably read the story in the Bibl…

Why We Left Public Education

My wife and I (John Lovell) were both schooled through the public education system. She grew up in a family of public-school educators, so we're not trying today to say that all public-school education is bad or evil.  But at least for now, in the early years of our children's lives, we have decided that we are going to homeschool them, and here's why.Public Education Takes Our Kids Away f

Burglary Prevention 101: Home Burglary Statistics That Could Save Your Life

Home security is really not optional nowadays. Maybe you grew up in a town where no one locked their doors—ever. Maybe nothing bad has ever happened in your neighborhood or to anyone you love. So for those of you still on the fence about home security and home security systems, an important step in that life-saving, home protecting direction is to answer the big question "WHY?" Why bother? M

How to Raise Warriors

There's some debate still, even in our circles, about whether we should be raising our kids to be tough and scrappy or polite and gentile. And I just don't think it has to be an either/or proposition. Be tough when you need to. Be gentle when appropriate. A Warrior Poet is adept at both. I was at a party where this debate was perfectly illustrated by a mother who saw her kids wrestling. Sh

Become a Master of Lightning-Fast Reloads

Reloading your pistol efficiently, quickly and safely can be impressive at the tactical range and life-saving if you ever find yourself downrange in a real-life tactical situation.Speed Loading Is Important, but Not Most Important Obviously in the grand scheme of things, your emergency reload isn't nearly as important as your draw stroke or target transitions, trigger, reset, rapid-fire, use o

What Is a Woman?

What is a Woman? Somehow, in our modern age of chaos and confusion, the most basic things that were generally accepted by the masses for millennia, have now come into question. This question was posed to Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Jackson, who could not answer in the Supreme Court Hearing last week, as she denied certain inalienable things about humanity, and indeed, even hersel…

The Ukrainian Foreign Legion, Humanitarian Aid, and the Fog of War

Forrest Cooper is a former Army Ranger with multiple combat deployments and a former security contractor. He is on the ground in Lviv, Ukraine, reporting on relief efforts and military operations in the region during the current conflict. He's also a keen observer of the historical and cultural complexities that are influencing military advancements, Ukrainian defense, and the response of the west…

St. Patrick the Warrior Poet

St. Patrick's Day traditions might conjure up plenty of imagery and memories for all of us. The St. Patrick's Day parades, first popularized by Irish immigrants celebrating their heritage in the streets of New York after arriving during Ireland's potato famine. The dyed-green river in Savannah and other cities. Green beer. The color green worn as protection against being pinched or punched. Those …

How Suffering Can Save Us All

The natural inclination of nearly all humans is to avoid suffering. We basically will rearrange our entire lives so that we can avoid suffering—especially in the lavish wealth and comfort provided to us in America. Our primitive selves see suffering as a threat to our survival. But really, comfort, not suffering, is what's causing us to crumble and melt like snowflakes. The right kinds of suffer

A Warrior in the Garden - Why You Should Train with Paul Perkerson, The Battle Gnome.

When Paul Perkerson came calling at Warrior Poet a few years back, we listened.  "Actually, my wife made me go," Paul recounts. "Evan introduced me to John, and John fell in love with me. The end." Anyway…  While it might not have been love at first sight, it was "extreme like" within minutes. Paul spent years in an Army Airborne division on clandestine Long Range Surveillance …