Personal Security Test: Warrior Poet Edition

How would you rate yourself for security and preparedness? A passing grade on John Lovell's 10-category security test may not be as easy as you think. For starters, in the words of Ron Swanson, "Any dog under 50 pounds is a cat and cats are pointless." Of course we all have areas where we need to grow when it comes to security. Anyone who can make a perfect score on this test is either lying,

Situational Awareness 101

Situational awareness is even more important to your defense than your skill with a firearm. Being able to observe your surroundings, assess potential threats, stay sane and respond appropriately–these are key to being a good protector and a bearable human. There were years of my (John Lovell's) life when I was really good at staying on high alert, because that's what a Ranger battalion requir

300 Blackout Versus 5.56: Why and When You Need Them

The AR-15 is probably just about the most important rifle you'll ever add to your arsenal, and of course the rounds that go into an AR-15's magazine are of critical importance as well. The rounds you choose for a given application—target practice vs tactical readiness vs hog hunting—will play a huge role in your success rate.Why Do People Use .300 blackout rounds? The 300 Blackout is a .30-cal

Are Pistol Caliber Carbines Practical or Practically Useless?

John and Paul talk (and shoot) through some of the pros and cons of Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC). Shooting pistol caliber rounds from a rifle platform has certain potential positives and some distinct disadvantages that are worth considering as you think through what's in your gun safe and personal defense arsenal. There's a lot of gear and weapons in our world (the world of firearms training

Winning 'The Internal War' of Choosing Greatness Over a Life of Mediocrity

Our friend Bedros Keuilian, author of the book Man Up was leading a life of quiet desperation before a pivotal panic attack put him on a journey towards being the man he was meant to become. This is what sparked the start of The Modern Day Knight Project (The MDK Project)–a project that resonates with what we are doing at the Warrior Poet Society.The MDK Project is a 75-hour experience designed to…

Simplicity Meets Elegance with the Nero Knife

The Nero is a sleek and slim liner lock folding knife and the latest addition to the Warrior Poet Blade Shop.Straight to the PointThis knife was crafted by Fox to be one of our most cost-effective carry tools, but we were sure to meet simplicity with elegance in delivering a reliable EDC option from the knife-making capital of Italy. The drop point blade is made of satin-finished 440C st…

High Port Rifle Carry: What It Is, When It's Needed, and How To Do it

Safely operating a rifle in CQC scenarios requires a unique set of skills allowing you to maneuver with a team around and up obstacles such as cars, halls, rooms, and ladders while still maintaining a ready position for optimal effectiveness toward enemy targets. During a recent Rifle 1 Class, the highly experienced Special Operations operator and trainer Joshua Griffiths took students through t

Is There an Embarrassing Hole in Your 'Bug Out' Bag?

Let's be honest. Planning for the apocalypse can actually be kind of fun. All the cool gear and gadgets and skills and the daydreaming about finally getting to go on that grand survival adventure—it can be pretty intoxicating. Unfortunately, the many offerings from the prepper industry can also have the effect of skewing our common sense about what an emergency scenario might actually involve.

The Warrior Poet Society Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift (That’s Also For You) Let’s face it. Without our mothers we wouldn’t be here. At all. Because of their love and dedication as the cornerstone of our families, we have families and communities worth loving and protecting. And that’s why this Mother’s Day we want to offer a few ways you can give back to your moms and the mother of your children with some gift

Journey Through Egypt in 2023 with Warrior Poet Society

This is not one of those "walk in the footsteps of Joseph as he runs from Potiphar's wife" type trips. This is a once-in-a-lifetime journey through one of the earliest empires in the world—where statehood, nationhood, political structures, and architectural and artistic movements germinated on a large scale to shape the face and future of humanity. You've probably read the story in the Bibl…

Why We Left Public Education

My wife and I (John Lovell) were both schooled through the public education system. She grew up in a family of public-school educators, so we're not trying today to say that all public-school education is bad or evil.  But at least for now, in the early years of our children's lives, we have decided that we are going to homeschool them, and here's why.Public Education Takes Our Kids Away f