TSA Approved Gun Case for Travel | Best & Budget Options

The TOUGH Travel Option

Finding a TSA approved gun case doesn’t have to break the bank. You can definitely find expensive, tough cases for hard military use, but there are also budget options for more casual commercial travel. During my years of service in the military, I most certainly needed the ruggedness of something like a Pelican case. They seal water-and-air-tight and come in all kinds of sizes to suit your needs. I’ve been using the Pelican 1700, and Pelican 1650. Both of these cases are practically indestructible and have served me well. Check out more Pelican Cases.

Though the Pelican cases are tough, they also come with a couple of downsides for those interested in more casual travel on commercial flights. They are expensive (costing between $200–$400), weigh a lot, and with the cost of “oversized bags” leading to higher baggage fees on almost every airline (especially Spirit Airlines) these cases might be overkill. Needless to say, your day to day might not require these high performance cases. But there’s good news for you…

The BUDGET Travel Option

I have been traveling with my rifle in an HQ Issue Tactical Hard Rifle Case for over a year now. The HQ Issue cases are certainly lighter and are much more affordable (starting around $75). The main downside? These cases just aren’t as tough as Pelican cases. BUT…

I’d recommend using these cases if you are traveling on commercial flights from time-to-time, transporting your gun from home to your local gun range, or just safely storing them in your boogaloo bunker. Basically, this covers the majority of our Society Members. Plus, with a case that weighs less (empty, mine weighs 12lbs), but still claims to be water tight, the HQ Issue pistol and rifle cases might be ideal for your needs. You can also get the HQ Issue Double Carry Gun Case for much less than a Pelican case that can handle the same size boom-sticks. Our advice – save your money on baggage fees and unnecessary ruggedness – spend it on ammo, range time and instruction.

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