100 Deadly Skills: The Book by Every Man's Toilet

Interview with 100 Deadly Skills author Clint Emerson

What dude would be interested in a book titled 100 Deadly Skills?? All of them.  As a man, I would like to speak for all men and say, ‘all dude’s think that’s a cool book’.

I recently got the chance to sit down with Clint Emerson, author of 100 Deadly Skills. We talked about his background as a Navy SEAL and National Security Agency (NSA) covert operative. In our time together, Clint particularly honed in on a few deadly skills pertaining to online security and escaping the most common type of abduction tool, duct tape. Additionally, we talked about improvised weapons and a very different type of warfare coming in the future.

Interested in checking out our interview? Then click the video below! Additionally, if you check out the Warrior Poet YouTube channel, you will find a few other videos Clint and I made on video surveillance, escaping duct tape, and making an improvised weapon from duct tape.

Clint also wrote the book ‘Escape the Wolf‘ for those in the corporate world who would like to enhance their overall security. I’m particularly excited to check out his latest book, ‘The Right Kind of Crazy‘ which is his recently released autobiography.

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