Arex Delta M Gen 2 Pistol Review

I realize that with the shortage of guns, reviewing a new gun is a bit like dangling a juicy steak in front of a starving man. But one day, lying in your beds, many days from now, you’ll realize that guns are back in stock, that the Corona funk is gone and that you should probably go re-watch Braveheart as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here are my thoughts on the Arex Delta M Gen 2 pistol. I received this gun from GunZone Deals ( There are multiple variations of this gun (starting at $399) but all of them come in at under $500, which is the best gun I’ve been able to find in that price range.


The Arex Delta M Gen 2 9mm is a durable, ambidextrous side arm that comes ready for whatever you need to throw at it or put on it—including iron sights, base plates for optics and rails for accessories. It also comes with a tether point for added security. It also comes with two 15 round magazines.

WHAT I LIKE                                  

There are a number features to commend this gun.

Price. As I mentioned before, I like the price point on this handgun, especially given its versatility and its readiness for accessories.             

Ambidextrous. I like the symmetry of its functionality and interface—especially when moving around structures and other obstacles that might require an adjustment grip, etc., in a pinch.

Grip texture. It has a solid, secure grip, which, for obvious reasons, is highly valued in a high-demand situation. 

Palm swells. The textured grip combined with the extra surface area of the palm swells gives this pistol a solid feel in the hand. Plus, their adjustable to customize for different grips and hand sizes. 


Painful tang. While the tang on a firearm should provide for a more comfortable fit and performance, the tang on this grip was too wide and too steeply angled for my hand to get comfortable while shooting. Unfortunately it actually tore up my hand a bit.

Slide stop sabotage. Because of the way I grip a pistol, the slide stop kept getting tripped and the slide would stay open even with rounds still in it. This became a point of frustration for me. 

Understated Mag Release. Unfortunately this was another point of difficulty for me. The mag release button just wasn’t pronounced enough for me. I’m sure that with enough practice I could have gotten faster with it, but I found the release difficult to operate when I was expecting speed in my magazine changes. A few times I hit the button and nothing happened. 

As I mentioned before though, the overall value certainly makes this an option worth checking out.

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