3 Reasons Your Husband Should Buy A Gun

by Warrior Poet Society

I realize there's a lot of tension about guns in American culture, and it's understandable why any woman might be a little hesitant to allow a gun into her house. Especially with words like "semi-automatic assault rifle" floating free in our media and the scare about mass shootings and gun violence. But I'd like to suggest 3 reasons why your husband owning a gun might be a better idea that many people would like you to believe, besides being able to hunt the Thanksgiving turkey.

Reason #1 He Should Buy A Gun: Your Husband Loves You

Maybe you think guns are inherently bad, or maybe you didn't grow up around guns and the idea of gun culture or having a gun is just a foreign concept. Maybe you've had a bad experience with guns. Maybe you think if you allow the evil gun spirits into your house then something bad will happen. 

I just want to encourage you to trust your husband a little bit here. I'm willing to bet that one of his motivations in wanting to own a gun is just because he really, really loves you and wants to protect you. It's kind of just wired into us. 

We want to be protectors and providers for our families. When we're not able to protect the people we love, it hits our masculinity button hard.

Reason #2 He Should Buy A Gun: It Could Save Lives

Here's the truth about bad guys. They don't care where you live. They're like wolves. They're always looking for sheep, and the last thing you want your husband and your family to become are victimized sheep because you couldn't protect yourselves. 

If you're husband owns a gun, gets trained in how to use it safely and effectively, and is able to get some practice shooting it, it could be a very effective tool for putting down attacking wolves. If he gets a baseline of training and the gun is stored properly at home, having a gun will make your home and family a safer place. 

Who knows, maybe you'll get on board yourself and get some good safety and tactical training for using a gun. The thing about violence is that no one thinks it's going to happen to them, until it does. As a professional fire arms instructor, I talk to people all the time who were attacked themselves or knew someone who's been mugged or raped or attacked in some other way.

Reason #3 He Should Buy A Gun: Eventually You'll Learn to Shoot It

This might sound silly but eventually, once he's been trained he's going to put that gun in your hand. I can almost promise you that you'll feel the appeal. You're going to go to the classes and the range and feel like an awesome, hardcore chick. You'll feel all kinds of sexy, and he'll agree. At least that's how it was with my wife. And that's not a bad thing.

As Always. Train Hard. Train Smart. Baby Steps. AR doesn't stand for Assault Rifle.