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4 Tips to Survive an Angry Mob

4 Tips to Survive an Angry Mob

Posted by Warrior Poet Society on Apr 28th 2023

Sometimes I (John Lovell) like to go through tactical scenarios in my head to figure out what I would do if I were, say, surrounded by a mob of black-masked Antifalites, those SJWs who just love to take you by surprise with a haymaker for neo-Marxism. Here's what I've come up with.

My friend was talking about coming to Atlanta with his wife but he was freaked out because he was pretty sure a group of Stalin's zombies would rush him upon arrival.

I talked him down a bit, but then I got to thinking. While the statistical probability that something like that would happen on his one trip to Atlanta is probably nil, there's always a possibility of roving idiots. We're protectors and defenders, so it's a healthy mental exercise.

So what if?

Let's walk through some things that you could do to increase the chances that you avoid bodily harm, that you're able to protect your families, and make good decisions in chaotic moments.

How to Survive an Angry Mob

Your Goal is Evasion and Escape

One of the reasons I've stuck around on the planet this long is because I don't always give into my brawler instincts. As much as I'd like to jump in and take out some of these cowards (and they are cowards), the odds are stacked heavily against us.

And even if you try to have a conversation with them, or just a shouting match, one of their Maoist friends will take the opportunity to shut down your free speech with a brick to the back of the head, a sucker punch with brass knuckles on their pail, dainty fingers, or attack you with a can of bear spray.

In any of those scenarios, you're out of the fight and your family is fending for themselves. These jokers don't play by rules. They'll jump you all at once.

So what do you do? Not jiujitsu. That's for sure.

Tactical Tip #1. Evade and Avoid.

The best way to deal with ambushes is, of course, to not get caught in ambushes. So don't go looking for trouble.

In times like these, and at any time, avoid stupid places at stupid times with stupid people. In all of the Antifa attacks I've seen online, it's likely that the victims had a hunch that they were walking into danger. But they ignored the gift of fear.

So don't ignore your fear instinct. It's a gift.

Even if all was peaceful and suddenly they're not, and you see black masks come out, don't be too prideful. You need to take yourself, your date, or your family and leave the area quickly.

Avoid the temptation to become a spectator of morons spraying buildings and smashing windows. If you become a rubbernecker to watch the apocalypse, you could become a victim.

Best case scenario, you get a front row seat to mayhem. But, worst case scenario, you end up beaten or killed, and that's no bueno.

It pains me to say it, but unless you absolutely have to engage someone to protect a life, you better get out of there. Insurance will take care of the property.

Tactical Tip #2. If Caught, Create Distance

If the cyclone sucks you in, do what you can to get out. You're not there to submit someone with your jiujitsu or to win a fight. Don't speak them or respond to them, and if it gets physical, go krav maga only until you find or create a gap to sprint. And I do mean sprint.

Tactical Tip #3. Avoid Going to Ground

This isn't one on one on the mat with your BJJ buddy. If you end up on the ground, get back up. You should assume that a mob is not going to stop.

Tactical Tip #4. Antifa, You Are the Fascists.

In the unlikely chance that you're reading this and you're a part of Antifa, I hope you'll reconsider your life decisions and get out. You're the fascists and you're tragically wasting your one and precious life.

Closing Thought. Mobs Are Like Fires. Unpredictable.

So no matter where you are, maintain situational awareness, watch for threat indicators, and understand what fights you should fight and which to avoid.

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Train Hard. Train Smart. Stay Free.


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