Annihilate the Aches and Pains

by Warrior Poet Society

It's safe to say that we can all expect to encounter pain in our lives. Sometimes we even welcome pain. Patrick Swayze taught us that "pain don't hurt" because it don't, when you need it not to. I mean, John Lovell just made a whole video about why suffering is good for making us strong, so it's understandable you'd be confused about why we're talking about Magic Balm--a deep penetrating topical elixir from our friends over at Botanimedix. And you're right. We don't mind purposeful pain, but it's that insurgent pain that we could do without. You're on the range. In the field. Mowing your lawn. Or maybe you're on your way to pick up your brother-in-law's drying cleaning and your girlfriend breaks up with you via text message. Pain happens just when you don't want it to. You shouldn't have to deal with distracting insurgent joint pain and muscle aches when you're trying to take back her birthday labradoodle that she never really liked in the first place.

Magic Balm Won't Bring Your Girlfriend Back

Botanimedix Magic Balm isn't going to bring your girlfriend back. It's not going to give you another shot at the stakeholder presentation you butchered last Tuesday. But Magic Balm will help tremendously with the aching arthritis in your knee from the battle injuries of Spring Break 2005. And it comes in a convenient, carry anywhere, TSA-friendly 4 oz tube with a ball-bearing applicator for a gentle rolling massage of the trouble area.

Magic Balm Is Not Bengay

Perhaps you've got a waking nightmare featuring Larry Bird slathering his thighs in Bengay or of Norman Lloyd reaching for his tube of the methyl salicylate concoction in the school bus glove compartment to battle arthritis. Botanimedix wouldn't do that to you! Their Magic Balm is specially formulated to work quickly, deeply, and for an extended period of time so you can get back on the range and onto the mat and stay in the fight--without the wintergreen smell of an old man's elbows. We're recommending this tried and true topical pain reliever as yet another tool for helping you Train Hard. Train Smart. Block Her Number. (At least for a day). 

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