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Appendix Carry for Husky Fellas

Appendix Carry for Husky Fellas

Posted by Warrior Poet Society on May 24th 2024

There’s a lot I don’t know about being rotund while appendix carrying a gun, but my friend Jake from the Evolving Daily YouTube channel was able to teach me a few things about how fat guys concealed carry. This is how I (John Lovell) learned about the 300th Parallel.

Even if you’re a bit thick around the middle, you can concealed carry your firearm and make quick work of attackers. You can even appendix carry, my friend Jake convinced me, with a little creative positioning between the “muffin top and fupa.” 

He calls this the 300th Parallel. It’s pretty complex science and math.

“For guys above 300 pounds or so,” he said. “It's the place where big guys appendix carry, and it’s a secret collective of the big guys who carry appendix. The 300th parallel. You have your muffin top up here and your fupa down below. You have intersecting angles.” 

The pistol bridges the gap between those two geographic regions in the appendix area, and to avoid discomfort, there’s the old lift and tip.

The Lift and Tip

“You might have to be pretty educated to understand this concept,” Jake said, demonstrating how he positions his rig snugly in the FUPA-Muffin Top intersection. “You wear your belt loose so that muffin top hugs the gun. This is called deep concealment. It’s pretty complex.” 

Jake encourages the plus-sized among us not to sell themselves short on the speed of their draw. While you may be pulling up a little more than shirt when you skin your smoke wagon, don’t let naysaying stand in the way of your readiness as a defender. 

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Jake says that when you grow the size of your pocket, with Snickers and Dunkin of course, you increase the variety of the loadout you can handle. 

I might add though that Jake’s YouTube channel, Evolving Daily, was created as a way of documenting his way toward better health—and guns. So while you might start out with a membership in the 300th Parallel club and hug your holster with the muffin and the fupa, making a move toward a fitter you might be a better approach. 

Until then, Train Hard. Train Smart. Live Free. Appendix carry is for everyone.


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