Become a Master of Lightning-Fast Reloads

by Warrior Poet Society

Reloading your pistol efficiently, quickly and safely can be impressive at the tactical range and life-saving if you ever find yourself downrange in a real-life tactical situation.

Speed Loading Is Important, but Not Most Important

Obviously in the grand scheme of things, your emergency reload isn't nearly as important as your draw stroke or target transitions, trigger, reset, rapid-fire, use of cover, etc. 

There's a whole host of stuff that you should really gain proficiency in before shaving off a quarter second on your reload. 

With that said, I still think you should make sure you're taking advantage of every possible efficiency and developing combat consistency with this technique. Make sure you can hit it every single time, no matter what.

The Magic Trick for Lightning Fast Reloads

• If you're practicing this, make sure you're following appropriate safety measures.

• Remember to keep the gun vertical. Otherwise you'll push the magazine release and the mag won't drop. 

• Toggle the gun. Using the index finger of your non-shooting hand (finger should already be over trigger guard), toggle the gun slightly left toward your shooting-hand thumb. This brings your thumb into contact with the magazine release, ready to press it. 

• Let the magazine drop. For emergency reloading, you're not worried about the magazine hitting the ground. Let it drop, draw and place a full one, all the while keeping the muzzle downrange and ready for more firing on target.

Emergency Reload Technique Attracts Many Opinions

There's a lot of advice out there about the nuances of dropping and replacing your magazine while shooting, but first you should master the basic mechanics of time-tested maneuvers. I can almost promise you—if you get this right, your friends and the bad guys alike will be like "Holy cow that's amazing." 

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