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Changing the World on the BJJ Mat

Changing the World on the BJJ Mat

Posted by Warrior Poet Society on Oct 12th 2022

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teacher and competitor Kenny Kim has seen lives changed through the skills and disciplines of mixed martial arts. Now he's teaching practical combatives on the Warrior Poet Society Network.

Kenny Kim has become an influencer in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts not only because he knows how to kick butt in competitions but because he knows how to make the martial art accessible to everyone from teenagers to suburban moms.

In fact, though his prolifically tattooed appearance makes him look like a street fighter, his gym, the Kenny Kim BJJ Academy, is in the heart of suburban Marietta, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta.

How Jiu Jitsu Changes Lives

His lifetime commitment to martial arts–first in Taekwondo and then Muay Thai–led him to become almost solely dedicated to the learning of a new-found, frustrating love–Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

And it was that frustration, as he tapped out against guys making very simple movements to submit him, that fascinated and drove him to master the skills that earned him a blackbelt in the art and led to a career of instruction.

BJJ disciplines and techniques are perhaps the most effective and efficient hand-to-hand combatives available, and Kenny Kim believes they’re also a way of unlocking people from feelings of victimization and powerlessness in daily life.

In recent years he's been traveling around the world to capture stories of people whose lives have been changed on the BJJ mat.

"I want to show the world that Jiu Jitsu is for everyone," Kim says. "Jiu Jitsu isn't just about fighting. It's about testing your limits and going to places you never thought possible."

Of course, it is also about fighting and defending yourself and those you love, which is why his work resonates deeply with the Warrior Poet ethos. He's empowering everyday people to take control of their lives and learn the art and discipline of being defenders–from grandmothers and teens to military veterans using BJJ to temper symptoms of PTSD.

Kenny Kim on the Warrior Poet Society Network

Kenny Kim has come on board with WPSN to create the Disarmed and Dangerous series.

In this instructional series, Kim breaks down some of the basics of BJJ combatives that could be deployed in everyday defensive situations. He provides bite-size pieces of trainable drills that anyone can practice as they begin to explore the art form.

He covers techniques and positions for controlling the distance, defending against standing headlocks, getting an aggressor into a clinch position, tackles, escapes, guards, side control, and others.

His methodical approach to instruction is what makes this video series applicable to a broad audience and it's what makes him so successful as a BJJ instructor on his channels.

You can check out Kenny Kim's Disarmed and Dangerous series now on the Warrior Poet Society Network.

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