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Five Reasons You Should Own a Shotgun

Five Reasons You Should Own a Shotgun

Posted by Warrior Poet Society on Jul 13th 2023

At Warrior Poet Society, it is our firm belief that everyone should own a shotgun. Surprisingly enough, not everyone agrees with this sentiment, so we're here to tell those people (at least 5 reasons) why they're wrong. Reason number six will shock you.

Shotguns Offer the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Literally. Shotguns are some of the loudest, most powerful guns you can own for self and home defense, and if you put one round through an intruder you are almost guaranteed to put him down.

Shotgun rounds are devastating and chances are excellent that a perpetrator will not be limping away from the scene of the crime. You get all this firepower packed within a relatively inexpensive delivery system. For $200 or so you can have a reliable and powerful firearm (as with any firearm, of course, you can always upgrade and spend a lot more for the bells and whistles).

Ammo Versatility

Depending on what gauge you're shooting (12 gauge is recommended for most applications), you can get a wide variety of shell contents–from buckshot to rock salt to bean bag shells. This allows you to pack non-lethal "warning" rounds and pulverizing rounds all within the same chamber. Shotguns can also be easily adjusted for hunting/survival applications with a rifled barrel, a box of slugs, and a scope for when food supplies are running short.

Big Brother Doesn't Yet Care About Shotguns

Even with all the potential crackdowns on semi-auto "black rifles," shotguns are flying under Big Brother's radar, so for now you can safely own one without being placed on some black list as being a perceived potential threat to the tyrannical regimes and our future AI overlords.

Reliability and Low Maintenance

I still own and (sometimes) shoot a shotgun that's been in my family for many decades. With minimal maintenance and a little bit of care, your shotgun should shoot reliably and accurately for many, many years to come.

Ammo Availability

It seems that shotgun shells are available in almost any town or city and in any sporting goods store in America. You can probably find shotgun shells in just about every household, too. So hopefully you'll be able to find rounds for your shotgun for many, many years to come, even with "supply chain" problems.

Shown to Increase Testosterone

Though this hasn't been medically or scientifically or otherwise studied or verified, I suspect that shooting a shotgun increases your testosterone and sex appeal by as much as 0.25 percent with each round fired. So owning and using a shotgun immediately makes you more manly.

As with any firearm, get good instruction for proper use, maintenance, and storage of your shotgun. And always Train Hard. Train Smart. Live Free.


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