High Port Rifle Carry: What It Is, When It's Needed, and How To Do it

by Warrior Poet Society

Safely operating a rifle in CQC scenarios requires a unique set of skills allowing you to maneuver with a team around and up obstacles such as cars, halls, rooms, and ladders while still maintaining a ready position for optimal effectiveness toward enemy targets. During a recent Rifle 1 Class, the highly experienced Special Operations operator and trainer Joshua Griffiths took students through the basics of High Porting–a cross-body rifle carry for CQC situations.

What the High Port Position Looks Like

The High Port or High Carry position allows for operators to move around obstacles and around each other in a CQC tactical situation. The rifle butt is tucked under the shoulder with the muzzle pointed upward at a safe angle.

Of course the angle depends on barrel length and venue, but it should be such that you're able to look down range over the tip of the upturned muzzle. When you need to present the rifle for firing, the muzzle will already be at the correct height for firing.

So whether you're helping to clear a house, hall, or room; moving around a vehicle; climbing a ladder (very helpful for targets above you while climbing); etc., your rifle will be safely positioned so as not to shoot your friends but also ready for action.

High Port Is A Commonly-Used Rifle 1 Skill

In our Rifle 1 class, students learn a variety of skills as part of our "ready up" drills, and it's incredibly important to learn how to bring a rifle from the high port position to shooting down range.

Once this skill is learned, it should be drilled until it's down cold, and that's why our Rifle 1 class makes this a high priority tactical skill.

A Summary of the High Port Ready Up Drill

When moving, rifle butt is tucked under shoulder and upturned muzzle tip serves as visual guide–keeping it generally at the height of potential targets. It will be a pivot point when you present.

When presenting, untuck rifle and present out/forward in order to be clear of gear and clothing so that it shoulders quickly and cleanly.

Safety off, then fire.

Safety on, tuck under again in High Port position.


KEEP IN MIND. When moving around a car or similar obstacle, be sure your muzzle tip isn't signaling your movements or location over the top of an obstruction.

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