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The Border Crisis is Eroding America's Future

The Border Crisis is Eroding America's Future

Posted by Warrior Poet Society on Feb 14th 2024

It's worse than we realized and it's almost past the point of no return. Are you ready? The crisis at our southern border is causing irreparable harm to our republic. It's absolutely imperative that we live wisely and prepare for what's coming.

Our southern border is in a crisis, and it’s a crisis for our whole nation, not just Texas and Gov. Abbott.

Crisis. And I say this knowing that the word is tossed around a bit too much these days. It's worse than we thought, and yet so pathetically easy to fix.

Now, please understand. We're not shy about immigrants. We're a nation of immigrants. So the talking points of the political left are recklessly defamatory. These are straw man arguments against the political right.

But we're at a decisive moment in our nation's history, and it reminds me of what Edward Gibbon chronicled more than 200 years ago in his famous work The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

We are the Rome of this era and our decline is becoming "the natural and inevitable effect of immoderate greatness. Prosperity ripen[ing] the principle of decay [until] time or accident had removed the artificial supports [and] the stupendous fabric yielded to the pressure of its own weight."

The border invasions in the Roman Empire "would leave a lasting impact on the social, economic, and political structures of the Western Empire, leading to its eventual downfall."

Here is why the crisis at our southern border could be irreparably eroding our future.

Cartels Are Running the Southern Border

Power-hungry people look for weakness, and because we're not actually manning the border, drug cartels have taken over.

They're very well funded and brutal and they're using their highly developed networks and military grade structures and weaponry to run thriving trafficking operations.

They're trafficking humans, and they're trafficking drugs. It means dead bodies. It means fentanyl coming over the border en masse. It means the potential of killing hundreds of thousands of Americans.

That's not an exaggeration. One recent seizure of fentanyl contained enough lethal doses to kill every single American.

It's a multi-billion dollar industry, and Joe Biden's administration is enabling it by doing nothing for border control except tying the hands of our federal border agents and then coming against Texas for trying to protect its people.

The "Ghosts" With Nefarious Intent

There's plenty of border crossings by people who want to seek a better life. They're seeking asylum, being documented, and released.

And while that catch and release policy has a huge number of significant problems, it's not the biggest problem. The real problem are those “dangerous dreamers” who get across without any sort of check point with “dreams” of killing Americans. They're terrorists. I have no doubts about that.

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They don't want to be documented because they want to live as ghosts. Why? Because they want to shed innocent blood. They're terrorists building terrorist cells inside our borders. Given enough organization and asset accumulation, terrorist attacks will happen.

The criminals and murderers and fentanyl mules are bad enough. The influx of people who simply want to leech off the government teet is a huge problem. But events are coming that are far, far worse, and they're being enabled by a free pass into our country.

Creating Even More Unfair Elections

Socialism is narcissism and greed masquerading as compassion, and here's the chief reason, I believe, that the Biden administration is standing down at the border–more votes.

A friend of mine in the Border Patrol, a guy I used to train with back in the day, has told me there's no real future in federal law enforcement for anyone who really stands by the constitution.

Under this administration enacting a tyrannical will, agents are having to choose between their jobs and doing what's right.

They're not allowed to fulfill their oaths and defend the constitution. My buddy said Border Patrol agents are "just holding the door. We're just greeters who process paper work." What does this mean for our elections? Well, with about 22 million illegals here and growing, all coming for promises of citizenship, money, and healthcare, who do you think they'll vote for?

Of course they can't legally vote now, but just wait until the propaganda campaigns begin.

For the Purpose of Destroying Our Great Nation

I wonder if the end date on America has already passed. There's a number of historians who would agree.

If you don't have a border, you don't really have a nation anymore. And that's what many on the political left are going for.

If we're based on the Constitution, and we no longer follow the Constitution, then what are we? As if drug cartels and terrorists aren't bad enough, and now we have to grapple with that existential question of whether we really exist as a nation anymore?

And this is where things get even worse. We have a Texas governor in a stalemate with the administration. My hat's off to Gov. Abbott. He's reached out to the Biden administration over and over and over to secure the border, but the federal government refuses. So now he's had to defend his own border, his own people, while threatened by his own government to desist.

It looks like a powder keg. There are 25 states backing Abbott. We seem to be on the verge of some seriously problems. And that's what the left wants. Chaos. They want a tearing down of everything old. They want to destroy everything we hold dear, all distinctions, all the ideals of right and wrong.

Where do we go from here?

This dilemma is as old as dirt. It's how Rome was undone from the inside. Unchecked immigration. They couldn't be conquered from without so they were conquered from within. 

So all of this happening should send a warning bell to us. We need to have our ducks in order. Some of you are in the happy place of having slowly and methodically prepared and gained autonomy with skills, protection, and community. If not, you should start today. And start getting involved in political office–locally and nationally.

We need to prepare, but we also need to pray. We can't save this nation without the God who gave us the inalienable rights that this country was built on.

And don't be afraid to defend the constitution. Civil disobedience eradicated the slave trade and secured civil rights.

Civil disobedience in protection of our Constitution might be what's required, but let's hope and pray that the confrontations we fear most don't move us toward escalation.

So, bravo to Governor Abbott. Let's hope that the courage of one man will spread to the many.

Train Hard. Train Smart. Live Free.


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