The Signature Series WPSM4A1

by Warrior Poet Society

When I (John Lovell) got out of the military, I bought myself a nice, shiny, new Daniel Defense rifle. It was the first high-quality rifle I had ever owned, and I knew exactly what manufacturer I was going to for it. Now, many years - and rounds - later, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with DD to create a one-of-a-kind tool that's dripping with beauty and performance alike. We packed in a boatload of modifications to make this a true go-to, do-it-all rifle. It  can also summon the Bifröst, which is pretty cool. 

Now let's get down to the details. 

The First Collaboration of It's Kind

The Signature Series WPSM4A1 features an exclusive OD Green Cerakote, never before offered by Daniel Defense.

I added a Surefire Warcomp as the muzzle device, which does three important things. First, it mitigates flash so you can fight in the dark without letting the entire battlefield know your exact location. Second, it allows you to mount a can directly to it. And third, it has porting which allows you to keep the muzzle down when you shoot. Trust me folks, it does just that as an incredibly flat shooting rifle.

The barrel is a 14.5" cold hammer forged barrel, with the muzzle device pinned to it, meaning everything is compliant.

The rail is Daniel Defense's cutting-edge and heavy-duty 12.5" RIS III rail, known for its SOCOM legacy and rock-solid 6-bolt System. This is a free float MLOK handguard with integrated QD swivel attachment points.

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Over-Engineered as a Standard

The rifle features a patented barrel lock system that allows the handguard to be firmly anchored to the upper receiver, while keeping the barrel locked in tight as well. Some people would call this overkill - and I agree! Overkill is awesome.

Warrior Poet branding is on both sides, with the shield on the right and "WPSM4A1" on the other side.

The selector level is an ambidextrous 45° throw Radian Talon, with a Radian Raptor ambi charging handle. The handguard also features Railscales HTP Honeycomb Panels at the 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 9 o'clock positions to make for comfortable and familiar ergonomics while adding texture for improved grip.

We also threw in a Railscales Karve P Handstop so you can pull back against it and brace against things when shooting.

For the trigger, I went with the ever-dependable Geissele SSA trigger, making every shot crisp and consistent.

To top all that off, the WPSM4A1 comes with the classic Daniel Defense furniture - a rubberized textured grip, which I particularly love and demand on the back of the buttstock as well. 

Business & Beauty, Inside & Out

There's all kinds of ways to accessorize a gun. I like Daniel Defense not just for what's on the outside, but for the internals, even more notably. To me, the barrel is by far the most important part of the gun, with the next thing being the bolt.

As it turns out, DD agrees with this sentiment and believes their cold hammer forged barrels to be the heart of their rifles and the reason why their barrels have been chosen by SOCOM and countless other agencies, at home and abroad.

The cold hammer forging process makes the barrel extremely durable while also mechanically hardening the steel and providing for a more concentric bore, which makes the gun much more accurate. At the same time, because the cold hammer forge process does not require cutting away from the inside of the barrel, more material can be taken off the outside of the barrel, which ultimately results in a lighter barrel profile.

The end result is an uncompromising barrel that will last 20-30,000 rounds for the average shooter.

Ready to Rock, Right Out the Box

There's assembling a rifle, where you take a few parts, throw 'em together, and hope that thing sings. Then there's building a rifle. 

I don't want to tinker around. You can be a pro race car driver or you can be a pro mechanic. You can't be both.

I want someone else to piddle with the car so I can focus on driving.

The metaphor (for you guys who suck at metaphors) is that I want someone else to build my gun, so I can get an amazing tool and be able to run that girl well.

Daniel Defense has a fully transferrable lifetime warranty, so if you have the gun and something goes wrong, Daniel Defense will solve the problem no questions asked. Suck on that, Bargain Bin Rifle.

The Complete Signature Series Package

For a limited time, early movers will receive the complete WPM4A1 Signature Series Package when they place their order, including:

- WPSM4A1 Signature Series Rifle

- Limited Edition WPS Adjustable Rifle Sling with OD Green pull tab

- Exclusive Warrior Poet Society x Daniel Defense Challenge Coin

- Copy of The Warrior Poet Way signed by John Lovell

- Daniel Defense hard carry case

Get the WPSM4A1 Signature Series Package here.