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The Virtue of Dangerous Poets

The Virtue of Dangerous Poets

Posted by John Lovell on Mar 26th 2024

I heard a modern-day voice in the wilderness say good men are not passive. The problem with passivity is the root is too often cowardice rationalized as virtue. The good man is a dangerous man under voluntary control. Dangerous men who are good and under control of what makes them dangerous keep bad men in check. Never has this been more accurate or appropriate.

Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves

There is a scene in the blockbuster film 'American Sniper' where Chris Kyle and his little brother were seated at the family table. Chris's father talking to the boys said there are three kinds of people; sheep, sheepdogs and then wolves wanting to devour the sheep. There is nothing wrong with sheep needing protection or sheepdogs protecting sheep but he would not tolerate his boys being wolves. It was a crystal clear on the boy's faces dad was a dangerous man under control.

The term 'toxic masculinity' was coined by clever wolves in sheep's clothing because masculinity in healthy, measured aggression carved civil society from the granite of oppression, tyranny and brutish men. Men with trained, disciplined capacities to be dangerous, then defended its benevolent walls.Nothing strikes fear in dark hearts of human wolves quite like good men who are dangerous.

Our republic was founded by men whose hands were exceedingly proficient in wielding both pen and sword. The same men understood the pen to be mightier than the sword because the sword, even under control of good men, could never win hearts, only protect them.

The Gray Man

The most dangerous man in the room is most always measured, polite and respectful. He won't advertise how dangerous he is because good men are largely silent. A quiet confidence speaks for him and directly to bad men who can smell his danger. 

Like wolves that target the weak and avoid the strong, bad men are essentially opportunistic looking for the easy meal or conquest. Bad men fear pain and maiming from good men. Bad men do not fear passive men. With men and nations, passivity is an invitation to malevolent aggression.

The feminization of men we see in all aspects of contemporary culture is neither organic or natural on an evolutionary scale. To condition boys to be weaker vessels is a candy-coated Roofie to civilized society, designed by wolves salivating at the prospect of having their way with sheep in a world without sheepdogs. 

It's greatly disturbing how smart and effective wolves have been over the last generation. The programmed notion we no longer need sheepdogs was conceived in a wolf’s lair over a gluttonous, bloody feast of mutton and lamb.

A Harrowing Exchange

We've lost our way settling for comfort over conviction and safety over autonomy. Conviction takes courage and self-sacrifice. Comfort requires only selfishness, a common yet leprous emotion in a prosperous nation. Safety is a bad trade when autonomy is the price. 

While sheep get sheared under illusions of safety, wolves have been scheming and working up a powerful appetite. Sheepdogs have been napping, resting on laurels of sheepdogs past but the big dogs, thankfully, have awakened.

Parents, raise your sons and daughters to be dangerous under voluntary control. First teach them the greater virtues of integrity, kindness, respect, generosity, compassion, hard work and perseverance. Then teach them how to defend themselves and those less strong. Teach them about both good and evil lest they be deceived. Fathers, if your sons want to be poets, good, because hearts will be won. Just make sure they are dangerous poets.

Above all, teach children that evil requires good men remain silent, passive and do nothing. Dangerous men who are good will never let that happen. Wolves beware. The sheepdogs are on to you.


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