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Why Victim Culture is Taking Over the World

Why Victim Culture is Taking Over the World

Posted by Warrior Poet Society on Jun 1st 2023

Victim mentality and victim culture have been a human tendency and temptation since Cain blamed Abel for bringing God a better offering. We've all got the capacity to blame others for the way our life has become, but sadly, in our narcissistic age, that victim mentality has empowered people to declare themselves our moral heroes who deserve our praise, our endless apologies, and our penance. This is absolute insanity.

Let me acknowledge, first of all, that there are victims of injustice and victims of violence and legitimate victims of all sorts of evil.

I'll be one of the first to come to the defense of victims to see that justice is achieved in their circumstances.

I also acknowledge that bad things happen in our lives. This is the case for all of us. It's how we respond to these circumstances that shapes us into who we are.

What I'm talking about today is something very different.

I'm talking about victim mentality and the resulting victim culture that seems to be an ever-growing way for people to declare their moral superiority and their uniqueness by highlighting and amplifying their woundedness.

And our government and corporations are empowering this in some cases in order to gain votes and market share.

Before I go on, just in case you or someone you love or know is falling prey to victim mentality, let me first encourage you right now with some truth and reality:

All of us have suffered. All of us have lost. The big thing is to dust yourself off. Refuse to take a victim mentality. Stand up and drive forward. Take accountability. Take responsibility for your own life regardless of how the world has mistreated you. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, who led our country from a wheelchair because of polio: Do what you can, with what you've got, where you are.

My Weakness Is A Virtue?

When I was growing up, we were taught to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. We were taught to acknowledge our weaknesses and shortcomings as opportunities to work hard and grow stronger.

We were encouraged to be grateful for opportunities rather than wallow in regret and jealousy.

And while there are plenty of families and communities that are instilling this winning mindset in their children, there's a broader movement that's pandering and coddling and encouraging a life of infantile thinking.

Rather than bringing something of value to the world, this mentality claims that the world owes us something.

And our weaknesses suddenly make us victims.

Now weak people can justify and rationalize their weakness by castigating the entire world around them and standing above them as moral heroes. The temptation has got to be just too juicy and too good.

But the problem is, this is a loser perspective.

Though blaming the world may get you some special privileges and attention, your life is going to be unempowered, miserable, and you will live and die as a loser.

This is a cancer that's infecting American culture, a culture that was built centuries ago by men and women who refused to see themselves as victims.

Victim Mentality is Tempting and Contagious and the New "Class Struggle"

Why is victim status a human impulse? Why would you want to be a victim? Why are Americans starting to compete with each other to see who can be the biggest victim? It's obvious why our rulers would want us to have victim mentalities and to feel entitled.

We're very easy to enslave when we have that entitled victimhood perspective. They can pander to our "hurts," earn our votes, and take our freedom in the name of equity and equality.

If the Marxists can divide and conquer with a class struggle, they'll accomplish subjugation by pitting victim against victim. If they can keep the greatest nation in the history of the world to become a country that basically feels sorry for itself, they can take the power without a fight.

Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. had given into the human impulse to claim victim.

"I have a dream that every little quirk and weirdness and strange human impulse and lack of ingenuity will one day receive a trophy and a job in the executive branch of government."

MLK would not be pleased by this pitiful use of the inheritance he and so many other brave men and women have provided for us over the last 247 years.

What if our founding leaders, instead of the reasoned plodding toward liberty, had just decided to act like many of us are acting today.

"I'm just going to yell about it. I'm going to complain. I'm going to demand safe spaces. And I'm going to say I'm easily offended. And so the whole world needs to bow down to me, the fragile snowflake.

And because I'm a victim, everyone else has to shut up and no one else is allowed to speak on this because you don't have my exact brand of victimhood."

Imagine George Washington or Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin decided to whine instead of fight.

I believe our rulers are using the human impulse of victimhood to keep us from noticing "Oh, it's our rulers that are dividing us."

So now we're fighting about race, sex, gender, and whatever else when really it's the rulers that we should be challenging. They're the ones pitting us against each other so we don't realize that it's their sleight of hand that's taking power and manipulating us.

Yay for that.

Why Is Victim Mentality So Enticing?

I want you to know that I've gone through an immense amount of suffering in my life that you know nothing about. And I have no doubt that you have experienced immense suffering in your life as well. We've all been victims.

But this doesn't mean that we have a right to blame everyone else for subsequent failures and hardships. A healthy response to life's terrible moments means we still fight on. We maintain personal accountability and we respond with grit and determination and intelligence and a hard work ethic.

So why is a narcissistic victim mentality so enticing?

We crave attention. This has always been true. I mean, I'm a YouTuber, so this hits pretty close to home. Our tendency as humans is to say, "Look at me. Give me attention. Focus on me. Attention, attention, attention." And what better way to get attention than to become a civil rights cause. For the destructive "privilege" to not take responsibility for yourself because you've been told your whole life you are disadvantaged and victimized by the system. But when you become your own cause, because "nobody has suffered the way I've suffered" you become like that uroboros snake, eating itself. Which is exactly where cancel culture is heading.


Don't Fall for the Lie

All of us have suffered, all of us have lost. The big thing is dust yourself off. Refuse to take a victim mentality. Stand up and drive forward. Take accountability. Take responsibility for your own life regardless of how the world has mistreated you.

I've seen too many success stories of people who've climbed up from rags to riches. And I've seen too many people with all the privileges that just became utter dismal losers.

The American dream means it's opportunity. You have equal opportunity to go at something. It doesn't promise that you have a better starting point. It's just not the world we live in.

And you can cry about it all you want, but it won't change the fundamental facts of the world that is in front of you. And so what are you going to do about it? You want to strive toward being a winner. It's going to be hard, and it may not go the way you want, and you're going to have to suffer a lot. Or you can just be a loser and whine about it. But nothing will change. You will just be a whiny loser rather than just a quiet loser. That's it.

A lot of people claim victimhood because of another issue. They're weak. They have no backbone, no moral fiber, no intestinal fortitude, no grit, no discipline, weak moral character, and then something goes bad.

Now, that person can either choose to say, "Huh, I'm weak. And I need to get stronger." Or they can say, "You know what? I'm a victim and I've been wronged. And if I've been wronged, it's because someone else has done something wrong. And that's oppressive and it's evil. And if that's evil, then I'm good. And now, in me being a victim, it shows the world that I actually do have moral fiber and goodness."

And so now, the more of a victim that person is, the worse the world is and the better they become."

It's a way that weak people can justify weakness by castigating the entire world around them and standing above them as moral heroes.

Weak people want to shame the strong, and they want to silence you. The big answer for us is accountability and to take responsibility for our lives. And recognize though I have been victimized, I am not a victim. I am on a journey. And even if I get knocked down, I'm going to keep dusting myself off, and I'm going to try again and again and again, and I'm never going to quit. I'm never going to surrender.

Warrior Poets. Don't you dare take the bait. Train Hard. Train Smart. Live Free. Don't Play the Victim.


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