Battle Belt Mag Pouches - Esstac: One Up Your Belt

Best Mag Pouches for Battle Belt

Esstac mag pouches combine the benefits of a nylon mag holder and a Kydex mag holder into one. The result is a best-of-both-worlds hybrid that has the rigid retention of Kydex and the flexibility of nylon. These pouches allow enough of the magazine to extend beyond the pouch to give you easy access with every reload. Mount them on war belts, plate carriers, ranger racks/chest rigs, and more in seconds.

A universally indisputable truth: the less distance between you and your next magazine, the better.

Our supply co is now carrying Esstac single pistol, double pistol, and 5.56 pouches available in a variety of colors. We also offer belt loop clips for non-MOLLE applications and malice clips for mounting these pouches directly to MOLLE. Pistol pouches cover 9mm, 40cal, and 45acp double stack magazines while the 5.5.6 variant is designed for STANAG magazines.

If you are looking for less retention and faster mag pulls, you can even use a hair dryer (at your own risk) to soften the Kydex inserts.

Whether military, LE, or civilian, Esstac pouches are a surefire way to level-up your load out. Add form and function to your days at the range or in the field.