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Mrs. Poet's Everyday Carry | Women's Everyday Carry

Mrs. Poet's Everyday Carry | Women's Everyday Carry

Jun 26th 2018

EDC for Dangerous Women

Please understand that I’m no ninja; I’m simply a mom who is interested in self-defense and women’s everyday carry (EDC).

My everyday carry always consists first and foremost, of kid snacks and action figure toys.

Yet, I’m serious about keeping my kids and myself safe. So the topic of women’s everyday carry means the first step moving past simply being a mom and on to being a protector. I realize that my husband nor law enforcement will always be there to save me. And I refuse to be a victim. I shudder at the thought of being at someone’s mercy while we cower in fear with no way to protect ourselves.

When looking at what my husband carries, I realized immediately that women’s everyday carry could look very different. However, some common denominators are only slightly different. For instance, my preferred gun is small and my concealed carry holster has clips because I rarely wear a belt.

Usually I carry a concealed Glock 43 either in a backpack or in a concealed carry appendix holster. Furthermore I have some other important items I’ve incorporated into my EDC such as a knife, pepper spray, flashlight, and a spare magazine (a Glock 43 doesn’t carry many rounds).

If you are interested in upping your game ladies, I have included some links below for your convenience. Try not to get overwhelmed with all this (or intimidated). Just choose one next step and go for it.

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