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Show your Support with the all new Society Ethos mug!

Handwashing is recommended.



"Put your hot liquid in this mug. It will not leak and can be a great way to rep a brand you know and love. Hold with right or left hand... or both hands if you’re a social media influencer. For mornings when you can’t seem to decide between light roast or dark roast." - Preston; Producer Content Creator, and YouTube Tsar

"An excellent coffee mug, anyone may use it. Comfortable for both right and left handed individuals. The Society mug is a great way to show your support and hold both hot and cold beverages. Makes a great addition your mug collection. Can be used with coffee, tea, or pretty much any other consumable liquid. Get that special someone the gift they have always wanted with the all new Society coffee mug." - Nick; eCommerce Manager and certifiable coffee snob

"I drink whole milk and maple syrup out of my Society Ethos Mug." - Chad; Social Media Manager and Photographer

"Use it to drink the blood of your dead enemies or the tears of small children. Harvesting souls is thirsty work." - Paul; operator guy with real world combat coffee consumption experience

“This mug is sturdy, reliable, and equally suited for daylight and low-light operations.” - Chris; Guy That Does Everything and knows very little about both daylight and low-light operations

"This is a very good mug for you if you are someone who likes mugs." - Frank; Customer Service Manager 

"The perfect mug for holding your favorite cold brews, and I'm not talking coffee." - Drew; Customer Service Representative

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5 Stars
Society Ethos Mug

High quality coffee mug: print on the mug is very professional and top quality - great product!

4 Stars
Ethos Mug

A basic coffee cup... perfect. No bells and whistles, just a logo a quote. Recommended for anyone who needs a place to put their hot beverage. My only criticism is that it would look cooler in black.