Tony Sentmanat of Real World Tactical meets the Warrior Poet

Meet my ridiculously large, hulk-smash friend Tony Sentmanat

I had the pleasure of messing with Tony Sentmanat at the 2018 Shot Show in Las Vegas and we laughed our way through a dumb/brilliant/funny video you can find at the bottom of this page. Before you check it out, read on so I can introduce the big lug.

Tony is the founder of Real World Tactical — a training organization out of South Florida that blends a ton of combat fitness (of the smash people variety) with tactical firearm training.

As a former Marine Corps veteran, a work-out machine, and a SWAT dude with Miami PD, Tony for sure has a background that offers us a lot. Check out Tony on Instagram to see him throwing tractor tires like they are frisbees.

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