Training Simulator at Affordable Price!

A Training Simulator affords INCREDIBLE training that is extremely difficult to get anywhere else. They can allow you to not only get countless dry-fire repetitions in for draws, target transitions, tracking targets, etc., but they can also allow you to simulate real world fights. The judgmental shooting scenarios force you to SEE FAST and THINK FAST as you struggle to understand what is happening and then make a quick decision based on what is moral, legal, and tactically sound. I highly recommend the Smokeless Range Training Simulator because it not only has all the bells and whistles I want in a simulator, it also is at an AFFORDABLE price. Many simulators I see are upwards of $15k – $25k. The Smokeless Range starts at $399 and then can be upgraded with software (for much more fun) to around $2k. You will need to ensure you have the right computer, a projector, and a way to shoot a laser before using your new simulator.

What You’ll Need

To set up your own Smokeless Range Training Simulator at home you’ll need the following things:

1. Laser Ammo Training’s Pro Laser Training Pistol, or an adapter that fits your firearm,

2. Smokeless Range software (includes high speed IR camera),

3. computer capable of running the Smokeless Range software,

4. projector,

5. projector screen, and

6.  a Warrior mindset.