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Best Appendix Carry Holster & Most Comfortable

Best Appendix Carry Holster & Most Comfortable

Jun 10th 2021

Best & Most Comfortable Appendix Carry Holster with Magazine Carrier: Top Appendix Holsters

There’s absolutely no doubt that the way you carry your firearm has a huge impact on how effectively you can deploy your weapon when it really matters.

If speed is what you’re after with your concealed carry draw–and I assume it is–then appendix carry is hands-down your best option. Of course, drawing from appendix (or ankle/3 o’clock/4 o’clock) can be dangerous. Therefore, proper equipment and training are vital to doing this safely before you go quick draw McGraw and shoot yourself or somebody else.

You’re never going to achieve speed by going for speed. Consistency leads to efficiency, efficiency leads to speed. The old adage “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” is another way of saying this, and this all begins with two key elements:

  1. Some strategic training in how to appendix carry and draw from that position in a proficient way without shooting yourself.
  2. A well-constructed appendix carry holster that allows for comfort and smooth mechanics when deploying and/or holstering your weapon.

What Makes the Tier 1 Axis and Agis the Optimal and Most Comfortable Appendix Carry Holster?

  • Flexible Center: The flexible center, between the magazine and gun, allows the kit to mold and flex to that area of your body. The flexible center gives the holster a more customized and secure fit, allowing the holster claw to more effectively push the holster in.
  • Tapered for Comfort and Performance: The Axis and Agis are shaped to maintain concealment, comfort, and accessibility whether you’re standing, sitting, or crouching for cover. Because of the angled cut, the holster rests easily within the contours of your appendix.
  • Gun Size and Accessory Versatility: The Axis and Agis accommodate a number of pistol sizes/barrel lengths as well as gun lights–including the Streamlight TLR-7 and TLR-8 gun lights.
  • Sweat Guard: These thoughtfully engineered holster’s include sweat guard’s to protect your firearm against more than just moisture, grim, sweat, etc. This convenient feature helps mitigate shirt snag while re-holstering (an extremely important safety feature).

Conclusion About the Axis and Agis Appendix Carry

This holster provides the best appendix concealment carry on the market. It’s comfortable and thoughtfully constructed in a way that’s quick when I need efficiency and speed. Not to mention “quiet” when I need to have it on me for everyday carry–at work, out and about,  or on a road trip.

Check out the Tier 1 Axis Elite holster in WPS Custom Kydex


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