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WPS Fixed Karambit - Black

Warrior Poet Society

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WPS Fixed Black Karambit - Black

Have you ever wanted to substitute your embarrassingly feeble human hand for the claw of a Bengal Tiger, but you weren't prepared to amputate one of your limbs? Vacillate on this dilemma no more, thanks to the arrival of the long-demanded WPS Karambit. Complete with a fixed N690co steel blade with black G10 grip. Designed for slashing and punching by WPS in collaboration with Italian knife maker Fox Knives. 

The WPS Fixed Karambit is also available in Coyote and OD Green.


  • N690co steel
  • G10 grips in black
  • Top shield black coating
  • Made and assembled in Italy
  • Kydex sheath with adjustable retention, made in the US
  • Handle: 5 inches
  • Blade: 2.5 inches

(Our knives do not ship outside the United States, we apologize for an inconvenience)

  • 5
    WPS Fixed Karambit

    Posted by Neil Boyd on Jul 19th 2022

    This an interesting karambit which really started to grow on me. To start, being a FOX knife, it comes sharp as hell, and hasn't required any sharpening or touch up yet. Combine that with a karambit-like design, and you can imagine how this can certainly make someone's day turn out not so great. Not saying you should use it for what I think you're thinking, but some things are pure happenstance. One of the best ways I can describe this knife, and why it's really grown on me so quickly, is because it's essentially a fixed version of the WPS FOX Folder, which is another personal favorite in my EDC collection. The knife style and angle are almost identical, with just a few differences. The grips are made of the same G10 material, with the aggressive stippling, it feels great when you're holding it. This and already having good grip strength, this knife feels like it's not going anywhere. It doesn't feel like it will roll and cant excessively when becoming more forceful with it. Even though the WPS logo is carved into the handle for branding and aesthetics, it actually adds some texture and additional grip in just the right place for my hand, which is a benefit in my book. I know it's a minor detail to some, but it's noticeable enough to me when holding this blade. The handle is also just a bit longer in comparison, and curves inward into the retention ring. The ring is slim, which I wish was maybe a bit thicker to add for some more width for striking. You know, if I want to change up things in methods of self defense and attack... Luckily, the blade and ring are one piece, and the ring is smoothed out and big enough, so it feels like your index or pinky finger aren't going to be degloved, which is a problem encountered with other karambits on the market. Another comment that I need to add, to just the handle itself, is you can hold the knife without using the retention ring at all. I know it's an odd thing to say because it's a karambit, but that's where it also feels most like a fixed blade FOX folder. Being able to get a crush grip, like the FOX folder, and punch/stab/slash/smash is possible; yet being able to hold it like the FOX folder with the semi-pistol style grip and punch/stab/slash/smash is also possible. The only thing difference is that the fixed karambit is more comfortable to hold in reverse grip. I mean you can also do that with the FOX folder, it's just not as comfortable. Comparing it to the WPS-FOX folding karambit, that's actually where the fixed karambit is at a bit of a disadvantage. The folding karambit can be held both regular and reverse grip, with the blade held towards either you or an opponent. But, that's only thanks to the style of blade and handle not being as curved like a true karambit, and being closer to style and design like a regular tanto style folder. So, hopefully, I'm giving you all the various 'give' and 'takes' with this style of knife and how it's designed. The WPS fixed karambit's strength is in its versatility, compared to other traditional style fixed karambits, and the consistency with training with a tool, at least within the WPS-FOX collaboration knives. There's some carry over, and when I received the fixed karambit, I felt familiar and comfortable with it already, literally right out of the box, thanks to having the FOX folder for quite some time. The blade length on this compared to the FOX folder, is just a bit shorter, and curved inwards, but it still allows for all of the knife goodness I just mentioned, you know, the things knives are really good at, cutting boxes. The angle of the blade really allows for you to come down on(or up against) on angles of attack with ease. Can a really sharp straight edge blade do the exact same thing that you're thinking of. Absolutely, but these style of knives just make it a bit easier, especially in an arm or collar grabbing moment. Some improvements that I feel could be made to the knife blade itself, is to make the fixed karambit blade closer to the FOX folder's blade length and dimensions, especially the jimping on the spine of the blade. What's there is short/not enough for the length of my thumb, but I am able to train around it. I can still push my thumb on the back of the small amount of jimping that's there, but I would definitely prefer a bit more to get additional support and surface area. Add in a tiny bit more curve/claw into the recurve-like portion, and I'm sure you've got something highly illegal that every politician and their old demented circus monkey grandpa will want to ban just based off how cool that knife would be. Thankfully, the curved nature of the WPS fixed karambit handle still adds to its ability to easily puncture, rip and tear into things, so larping around like a velociraptor is still just as fun. The fixed karambit comes with an awesome kydex sheath, but with a plastic clip, which measures just over 1.75". Luckily, you are free to switch that for something else such as a DCC clip or other preferred method of attachment, as this has many options for mounting to your person. Overall, very pleased with this knife. This was one of the knives I was debating on getting because it wasn't exactly a karambit upon first glance. Now that I've carried and trained with it, I actually like it more because I'm not using it exactly like a karambit. Even though its design does allow for the few karambit techniques that would fall under the "flippin and dippin" category, it's more effective to not use it completely like its a traditional karambit. Like I said, the advantage of this knife is how much more versatile it is compared to traditional style karambits, yet it has the rip and tear and offensive factor that karambits are known for, but you can also punch s**t with it. Add in the price is also less than most other manufacturers for just a fixed karambit, that comes razor sharp, and with a kydex sheath and a decent clip that you can switch out if you wanted to, I'd say you're getting your money's worth.


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