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*Please note: Here you are just looking at/purchasing the base. This is NOT a complete target system.*

The Arachnid Base from TA Targets is another evolution in our quest to provide the highest quality, most refined target systems on the market. The Arachnid base is collapsible and ultra portable. The footprint of the Arachnid is larger than our industry leading 20" round base and just a bit smaller than our 26" large round base. Even though the Arachnid has a large footprint it is able to fold up into a package approximately 4" wide x 9" tall x 23" long when packed for storage or transport. The Arachnid Armored Base offers superior grip on a multitude of terrain types which means your AR550 Steel Target System will be firmly planted, no matter the terrain. The very front shield of the Arachnid is made from 1/4" AR500 steel, thus protecting the 2x4 and 1x2 paper holders from low impact shots. The front 1x2 paper holder tubes are also replaceable in the event that they are lost, stolen, or damaged somehow. If you are a mobile trainer, or simply like the ease of packing down a more compact armored base, the Arachnid is a perfect fit for your needs. 


We know people are now going to begin asking: "which base is right for me?" That answer really boils down to a few things. First off, if you travel a lot and space is a premium, you like the aggressive look of the Arachnid, and you see added value offered by armoring the front shield and protecting the tubes behind it, then the Arachnid is an obvious choice. If you have a pickup with plenty of space or have your own range and don't need to travel much, our 20" round base may just be the right solution for you. Both bases are extremely high quality. Both bases are backed by our promise of excellence. 


Another question we are expecting is: "can I use this base for target systems that are not from TA Targets?" The short answer is MAYBE. We have designed this base to work well with our target systems. It follows the same principles of center of gravity, just like our 20" base does. It may work for your current systems from other companies, but we cannot guarantee that. Customers buy these at their own risk when purchasing for other systems that are not created by us. If you are considering the base, consider grabbing a few of our complete target systems with it to experience the full value of our products. 



- Modern, Innovative, Collapsible, Portable, Armored Steel Target Base System. Welcome to the Future. 

- Tool-Less design means super simple setup, yet ultra stable. 

- Front Shield is manufactured from high quality 1/4" AR500 steel. This protects against occasional low misses/impacts. 

- Center legs, Rear shield, and wood board holders are all mild steel and are not armored. They are protected by the front shield. The perfect balance of cost and craftsmanship. 

- When Packaged: Base is approximately 4"w x 9" tall x 23" long. 

- The Arachnid Armored Base is designed for use with any of our AR550 A-DAP systems

- Includes hardware and all necessary instructions for assembly 

- Front shield has steep forward lean to deflect low misses directly into the ground

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The base is NOT intended to be a target! Although the front shield is made from 1/4" AR500, it is NOT designed to be purposely shot with handguns or rifles. It is designed to protect your base from occasional low hits. You MAY damage your base if you shoot it purposely and use it as if it is a target. 

Approximate weight of this base packaged is 26 pounds

- Note: This base MAY ship in multiple packages/sizes depending on your order and quantity. 

- Base not intended to withstand intentional bullet impacts

- Do NOT shoot base with ANY steel core or penetrator ammunition. 

Note: This product may require additional shipping charges for countries and regions outside of the United States. Please email for international order inquiries.



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