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The official Warrior Poet Society Rifle Sling, fresh out of WPS Laboratories and proudly made in the USA.

Tactical Rifle Bungee Sling With Buckle

The point of a sling is to hold your gun so you don't have to. Many shooters have a loose sling that causes the gun to hit them in the legs during movement unless they have hands on the gun. The better solution is to tighten your sling so the gun is higher and tighter to the body. Tightening the sling too much though can cause difficulty in quickly presenting your gun. Ideally, the sling holds the gun close when you don't need to shoot, but also allows you enough free-play to present the gun when you do need it. Two key improvements help the WPS Sling accomplish this ideal:

Bungee Section - allows the sling to hold the gun higher and tighter to the shooter than other slings while still allowing the shooter to present the gun to address immediate threats. Other slings may need to be worn looser (causing your gun to hit you in the legs when you walk without a support hand on the gun), or for you to have some form of quick-adjust piece to continually change the length of the sling.

Jedi Buckle - rare earth magnets are used to allow a new type of buckle that is much faster and easier to connect and disconnect than traditional quick-disconnects. This is a cool improvement, and also happens to be really fun. Yes, part of the appeal of the Jedi Buckle is that it is fun. #dontjudgeituntilyoutryit

  • Compatible with QD Sling Swivels for increased speed and flexibility
  • Magnetic Jedi Buckle for lightning fast attachment/detachment
  • Bungee section provides just the right amount of give to maximize comfort and mobility while maintaining stability 

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5 Stars
WPS Sling

Fantastic design just the given in all the right places! And you don't have to be a Star Wars nerd to appreciate the Jedi buckle. Easy on,easy off!

5 Stars
Great product

Slings awesome. The idea to wrap up the excess was great. The buckle is strong yet comes apart fast and easy if needed. I used it the other day and my buddy did as well. He wants to convert his stuff to these now.

5 Stars
Rifle Sling

Got my sling in today. I absolutely LOVE it! Feels very light weight yet very durable and comfortable. The bungee has just the right give in it. Buckle is perfect for quickly getting out of the sling in the fog of war. I wish I had this thing during the Battle of Ramadi! I will be doing a video review soon over at my Youtube channel, Modern Frontiersman.

5 Stars
Already my favorite sling

Comfortable, well made, and does what it’s supposed to do better than any of the other slings I’ve used.

5 Stars
Really Nice Sling

Sling feels really well built and is comfortable. Elastic section is strong, keeps even my heavies rifle high and tight. Jedi buckle is actually really cool. I run the forward QD attachment high up on the handguard (near receiver)... and the magnet in the buckle has a tendency to stick to the bolt catch. That's not by design I don't think, I'm unsure yet if I view that as a bug or a feature. The strap isn't as beefy as the Blue Forces, but I don't think that matters. Overall, I like this so far, I think it's an improvement over 2 point slings with a pull tab. Great product, would purchase again.

5 Stars
WPS Rifle Sling - Out with the old...

This sling is a very smart design. The Jedi buckle is a really neat feature - gives you a moment of "Now how does this wo... oh, now that's sweet." The sling is easy to manipulate and comfortable. It's great seeing WPS enter the sling-ring with such a heavy hitter. Highly recommended. Rated E for Everyone.

5 Stars
WPS Rifle Sling

Already received my new WPS sling! The Jedi buckle is great and as a whole, the set-up is fantastic. Looks great too. It's already installed on my most used piece of hardware. Feels good, looks good and will be put through the paces tomorrow.

5 Stars
WPS rifle sling

I just saw your video on youtube about your sling! I will be purchasing 2x. It fixes all the issues with previous models. I currently run a 2 point sling with the pull tab. While this is a good concept, your elastic sling with the Jedi lock is AMAZING!!! Thanks guys