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The NEW official Warrior Poet Society Adjustable Rifle Sling, fresh out of WPS Laboratories and proudly made in the USA.

Adjustable Rifle Bungee Sling 

The point of a tactical rifle sling is to hold your gun so you don't have to. We've combined the flexibilty and speed of our top selling WPS Rifle Sling with an added nylon tab for fast and smooth adjustments to the length of your sling, allowing you to make on-the-spot changes to better suit your context. The added quick-adjust component allows the WPS tactical rifle sling to more swiftly adapt to the preferences of the shooter/operator. 

The bungee sling section allows the sling to hold the gun higher and tighter to the shooter than other slings while still allowing the shooter to present the gun to address immediate threats. Other slings may need to be worn looser (causing your gun to hit you in the legs when you walk without a support hand on the gun), introducing the need for frequent adjustments.

Note: The WPS Adjustable Rifle Sling does not include the Jedi Buckle that our original Rifle Sling comes with. If you're looking to purchase the original WPS Rifle Sling, it can be found here.

  • Compatible with QD Sling Swivels for increased speed and flexibility
  • Adjustable pull tab for quick moment adjustment. 
  • Bungee section provides just the right amount of give to maximize comfort and mobility while maintaining stability


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5 Stars

Best sling ever. Seriously. The magnetic clasp is genius. No more swimming in and out of sling or pulling straps.