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Looking for an easy way to take your rifle setup to the next level? We got you covered. The Operator combo throws together 4 items that will instantly increase the versatility of your firearm for a cut-rate price. 

To start, we have the revolutionary WPS Rifle Sling. Secure your sling with a NeoMag Sentry Strap, and then fix the split of your brace with the WPS Pistol Brace Strap. To round it all off, you will also get the WPS Stock Sock that gives you the ability to turn your AR stock into an attachment platform for a variety of mission essential devices. 

Included in the Operator Combo:

  • WPS Rifle Sling
    • Black
    • Bungee Sling Section for faster firearm presentation
    • Jedi buckle for quick-release and attachment
    • Optional QD sling swivels for increased speed and flexibility
  • Sentry Strap
    • Black
    • Durable elastic & velcro strap
    • Powerful Neodymium magnet holds your sling secure and breaks away when needed
    • Universal fit
    • Weight: 0.8 oz
  • WPS Pistol Brace Strap
    • Black
    • Constructed of 1″ nylon webbing and bonded nylon thread
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Allows you to fix the split at the end of your pistol-stabilizing brace which facilitates movement
  • WPS Stock Sock
    • Black
    • Able to carry multiple tourniquets, needle decomp, chem lights, wound packing material, or whatever else you want to keep on your stock.
    • Compatible with most common AR stocks
    • Modular mounting is user configurable
    • Includes extra bungee cord
    • Includes padded cheek rest
    • Window cuts allow for QD Sling attachments
    • Made of laser cut Squadron

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