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Enough is Enough

If you are as fed-up with active shooters (or better said, ‘active murderers’) as I am then pretty words and heart-felt condolences are simply not enough anymore. Talk is cheap and feelings don’t save lives.

I want action. I want an armed, trained, and willing populace to be ready to meet these cowardly killers whenever and wherever they present themselves.

The active shooter presents us with some unique challenges that requires some education if we want to be smart in countering them. As I’ve been studying the data, statistics, and reports on these outrages, I felt it prudent to pass on some recommendations to you.

Countering the Active Shooter

     (1) Carry guns and emergency medical supplies wherever you go and get trained on what you carry.

(2) Get smart. Every good fighter will attest to the importance of knowing your enemy and how they think. I can think of no better resource than a recent online course I just finished by the USCCA called ‘Countering the Active Shooter‘. The course is filled with videos, text, graphs, pictures, and comes with a certificate upon course completion. An added bonus for instructors like me is the liability mitigation factor from completing the course. Check it out here.

(3) Train to fight. A trip to the range is a great start, but there are so many more pieces of the pie we need to handle. For instance, scenario-based training, force on force training, and video simulators can help dramatically. This type of training coupled with more of the simple ‘skills-based’ training is critical.

(4) Recruit others to join your journey. Imagine if everywhere these active shooters went, they were met by armed and trained civilians, law enforcement, and/or military members. It would not take long for these cowards to realize that the payoff wasn’t there. All they were going to experience was a swift and humiliating end. The good guy would be the hero, and not the scum bag killer who’s infamy was eclipsed by the protector’s glory.

(5) Troll media and news outlets who give too much information about the killer. Cowardly active shooters are desperate for attention. And they are competing with the body counts and terror of the last active shooters who made headlines. When news outlets put the killers’ name, picture, and their psychotic manifestos out there, they are helping incite copy cat crimes.

Because of the unique challenges of the active shooter, Warrior Poets everywhere need to train hard, and train smart. Lives are at stake and people need you to be the best protector that you can be. It is up to us and no one else.

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