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DS2i Smart Station - Biometric


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Made to center around your life.

The ultimate modern home safe has arrived. Fully loaded with top of the line modern upgrades; top mounted wireless charging pad, USB/USB-C accessory charging ports, and a sleek customizable LED display. Combine these features with industry leading safe technology, Vaultek's signature fit and finish, and intelligent new design, the next generation smart safe is here. This is the Vaultek Smart Station.

• NEXT GENERATION SMART SAFE Modern upgrades with a top mounted wireless charging pad, USB/USB-C accessory charging ports, and a sleek customizable LED display showing time/temperature/humidity make the ultimate modern home safe. Low profile safe design blends into its environment, great for RVs or nightstands. The auto-open safe drawer can secure a full size pistol (up to 9"), jewelry, small documents, and other personal belongings.
• BUILT-IN BIOMETRIC SCANNER Quick, secure access using the LED backlit HD fingerprint scanner, Smart Sense™ digital keypad, or Nano Key 2.0 (sold separately). PRECISION BALL BEARING TWIN RAIL SYSTEM automatically deploys the safe open quickly with smooth and silent action. BUILT-IN LED INTERIOR LIGHT illuminates the interior. 

• BLUETOOTH 2.0 Manage and monitor safe activity from your smartphone. View history log, check for tampering, and customize safe settings. The Bluetooth 2.0 app provides a highly interactive experience from your smartphone within Bluetooth range of the safe. Bluetooth can be toggled on/off as desired. 

• ANTI-THEFT FEATURES Signature anti-impact latch design, anti-pry construction, and included HD steel security cable can tether the safe in place. Safe can detect tampering and activate a security sleep mode if multiple wrong codes are entered or unrecognized fingerprints scanned. Accessory mounting plates sold separately for hard mounting in place.  

• BUILT-IN BACKUP BATTERY Safe is powered by AC power adapter (included) and needs to be left plugged in. In the event of a power outage, a built-in battery provides short term backup power. Manual backup keys are included. 
• EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 12.125" x 8.25" x 3" and INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 9" x 7.5" x 1.5"
DS2i Smart Station
Construction Progressive Formed 18-Gauge Steel
External Dimensions 12.125" x 8.25" x 3"
Internal Dimensions 9" x 7.5" x 1.5"
Weight 9.6 lbs
Backlit Keypad 4 backlit buttons with proximity sensor
Pin Code Length 4-8 digits
Biometric Capacity 20 Unique Fingerprints
Biometric Sensor Area 9.0mm X 9.0mm
Biometric Sensor Pixels 176 X 176 pixels @508 dpi
Nano Key Compatible Yes
Manual Key Yes (2 keys included)
Power AC Power Adapter (Included)
Built-in Backup Battery Yes (short term backup power)
Wireless Charger Output 15w (non-magsafe)
AC Adapter Output 5v, 9v, or 15v depending on the device
Standard USB Output 5v, 9v, or 15v depending on the device
USB-C Output 5v, 9v, or 15v depending on the device
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
WiFi Connectivity No
Display Type Touch LED Display (no alarm clock feature)
Display Function Tamper indicator, open door status, and locked status
Touch Function Touch to toggle clock or temperature/humidity (on/off), screen brightness, and safe settings
DOJ Certified Yes


- (2) Manual Keys
- AC Power Adapter
- 4 ft. Steel Security Cable



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