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The Tek-Mount™ on Duty Drop is a two part quick connect mounting system consisting of a Receiver and a 360 Insert Disk™

This system provides the same function, speed, and ease of use as the Safariland® QLS but with the added ability to cant your holster instantly without the use of screws or posts. The patent pending Tek-Mount allows for 10 degree cant increments in 360 degrees. The Tek-Mount Receiver comes pre installed on the Duty Drop and Offset which is a mid-rise belt attachment made to drop your holster and clear space for a faster, cleaner draw and accommodates up to a 2.25" belt. While the Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk is to be affixed to your holster, mag pouch, knife sheath, or any other carried gear.


Auto Locking Quick Mount
Slide the 360 Insert Disk into the auto-locking Tek-Mount Receiver to securely bind the two halves of the Tek-Mount together.

Duty Strong and USA Made
Made in the USA from a high-strength, glass-filled polymer, the Tek-Mount boasts the capability to withstand over 1000 lbs of vertical pull force under optimal conditions.

36 Cant Positions / 360 Degrees
Effortlessly fine-tune your mounted gear with instant adjustments in 10-degree increments, covering a full 360 degrees—all achieved without the need for tools, screws, or posts.

The Tek-Mount seamlessly integrates with numerous holsters from leading brands like Blade-Tech®, Safariland®, and Blackhawk®. (Mounting hardware included) For Safariland® holsters, consider the Tek-Mount Safariland® Adapter Kit, available separately.

Duty Drop and Offset Attachment
The Tek-Mount Receiver is pre-installed on the Duty Drop and Offset—a mid-rise belt attachment designed to lower your holster, creating space for a quicker and cleaner draw. It accommodates belts up to 2.25 inches.

Secondary Locking Mechanism
Enhancing retention security, the ambidextrous secondary locking mechanism provides users with an additional level of locking capability.


1x Tek-Mount Receiver on Duty Drop and Offset
1x Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk

 Thigh Strap
3x 3/16" Posts
3x 5/16" Truss Head Screws


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