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The Tek-Mount™ Receiver serves as the female component of the Tek-Mount™ system, a two-part quick connect mounting system. Proper use requires the Tek-Mount™ 360 Insert Disk for secure and effective functionality.

Offering equivalent functionality, speed, and user-friendly operation as the Safariland® QLS, the Tek-Mount system introduces the added feature of instant cant adjustments, eliminating the need for screws or posts. With a patent-pending design, the Tek-Mount allows for 10-degree cant increments across a full 360 degrees. The receiver can be affixed to existing belt attachments, MOLLE attachments, or directly onto surfaces such as car dashboards, bed frames, and more—especially with the "No Attachment" option.


36 Cant Positions / 360 Degrees
With 36 interlocking teeth, the user can access 36 distinct cant positions, adjusting in precise 10-degree increments across a complete 360-degree range.

Ambidextrous Secondary Locking Lever

Maintain the secure placement of your gear and prevent accidental release by utilizing the ambidextrous secondary locking lever, ensuring added retention and peace of mind.

Duty Strong and USA Made
Made in the USA from high-strength, glass-filled polymer, the Tek-Mount is engineered to withstand over 1000 lbs of vertical pull force under optimal conditions, ensuring exceptional strength and durability.


Tek-Mount Receiver with No Attachment
1x Tek-Mount Receiver
3/16" Posts
3x 5/16" Truss Head Screws
1x 3/8" Post
1x 3/4" Oval Head Screw
1x Plastic Washer

Tek-Mount Receiver on Tek-Lok
1x Tek-Mount Receiver on Tek-Lok Belt Attachment

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