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Safariland® holsters are a trusted choice among law enforcement and military professionals.

Elevate your holster experience with the Tek-Mount™ Safariland Holster Adapter Kit, seamlessly integrating Safariland® holsters with the Tek-Mount - Quick Connect Mounting System. This innovative adapter allows for a 360-degree cant in 10-degree increments, offering unparalleled flexibility. Similar to the Safariland® QLS, this adapter ensures the same speed and ease of use, but with the added advantage of instant cant adjustments—no screws or posts required. Upgrade your Safariland® holster to the Tek-Mount system for enhanced adjustability and functionality.


Using the Tek-Mount™ Safariland Holster Adapter Kit allows Safariland® holsters to seamlessly integrate with the Tek-Mount - Quick Connect Mounting System.

36 Cant Positions / 360 Degrees
Instantaneously adjust the cant of Safariland® holsters in 36 different positions without the need for screws or posts, seamlessly achieved when paired with a Tek-Mount receiver.

Quick Connect Mounting
Enables swift mounting and removal of Safariland® holsters, empowering you to customize your carry setup instantly, all without the need for screws or posts.

Slim and Discreet
Balancing durability and subtlety, the low-profile design is crafted to be robust while remaining inconspicuous and unobtrusive.

Easy Setup
Effortlessly enhance your Safariland® Holster by installing the adapter in under one minute, ensuring a quick and seamless upgrade.

Duty Strong and USA Made
Crafted in the USA from high-strength, glass-filled polymer, ensuring superior durability and reliability.


  • 1x Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk
  • 1x 3/16" Cut Post
  • 1x Safariland® Converter
  • 2x 3/4" Truss Head Screws
  • 2x 5/8" Truss Head Screws
  • 2x 5/16" Truss Head Screws
  • 3x 1/8" Rubber Spacer
  • 3x 1/4" Rubber Spacer

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