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Warrior Poet Society

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Warrior Poet Society IFAK - Individual First Aid Kit - Belt Mounted Medical Kit


The Med Kit That All the Other Med Kits Are Talking About

Made in the U.S.A.

The new WPS Belt Mounted Medical Kit is the most recent product release from John Lovell and Warrior Poet Society Manufacturing. A sleek, innovative design that allows maximum storage with minimal space. Designed and built to do what other IFAKs can't.

John created this med kit to address a problem that the industry hadn't seemed to answer yet. Most belt-mounted med kits don't have room for trauma shears, and if they do, it tends to add a ridiculous amount of unnecessary bulk. 

The WPS IFAK has a designated trauma shears compartment that doubles as a quick deployment pull-tab, giving you instant (and ambidextrous) access to supplies. Just reach down and give the shears a rip, and you're ready to administer life-saving aid.

Velcro retention straps allow you to adjust the kit to accommodate a variety of medical supplies while keeping things snug. 

Available with medical components or without.

If you plan on attaching the WPS IFAK to your battle belt, you can do so using Malice Clips - available here.


  • Outer sleeve - 6" X 4"
  • Sewn in Tourniquet band - 4" X 2" 
  • 1.25" Velcro Straps
  • Sewn in MOLLE Webbing Attachment
  • Inner Sleeve 6" X 4" with 1" Pull Tab
  • Velcro Loop For Medical Shears on Inner Sleeve
  • Made of laser cut Squadron
  • Made in America

  • 5
    Quality in the simplicity

    Posted by Joseph on Jun 20th 2024

    I put this on my duty belt. I have had many people comment on it. It is not bulky and keeps everything close. I keep the basics in it and it has been a great tool. I have employed this pouch in training and I have utilized it in the field on a couple casualties when my aid bag was no where near. I have only two cons to this item, yet they are minor and easily navigated. I found that having a chest seal at the bottom of the pouch, where it rests against my back, has the adhesive melt to the packaging, especially in the Texas heat. I have tried this a few times and had the same result; however, if I place combat gauze between the bottom and the chest seal, it works beautifully. The final con: the slot for the TQ, I use the NAR CAT. The Velcro on the CAT damages my uniform. Solution is use another TQ or, being the nerd that I am, I have a 3D printed cap that pops off the TQ when I use it and protects my uniform. I really like the product and it has been incredibly useful.

  • 5
    Customer Service & Product Quality

    Posted by Neil on Jun 13th 2024

    Top notch product quality, and even better customer service. I ordered the empty IFAK in black and a black camouflage IFAK showed up. I contacted customer service and Brad resolved the issue immediately. I've already recommended WPS to some buddies. Thanks for the great service!

  • 5
    Tested in the Real World

    Posted by Jason Hooper on May 14th 2024

    Since becoming a cop, I’ve bought and tried several ifak kits. I’ve tried them out on different configurations on my duty gear and had never been completely satisfied- either due to bulk or non-optimal mounting on my body. A few months ago I saw this kit on John’s channel and gave it a try. I really liked the ambidextrous pull tabs- one being integrated with trauma shears is genius. It forced me to trim the fat and run with only the essentials for what I would realistically need it for (bleed stopping and/or gunshot wounds) which was a good thing and refreshing to free myself of a ton of bulk. I wore it on the rear of my belt and it sat in the small of my back which was comfortable and not bulky at all, even while sitting. Another bonus was my external vest protected the tourniquet from excess rain and sun as it sits right where my vest ends on my back. Last week I was involved in a shooting and was the only officer on-scene with an ifak on their body. I was able to quickly deploy the kit, access the sheers and chest seals to start rendering immediate aid. I was super thankful I went with this kit and realized from actual use how convenient it is to carry and how quickly it can be deployed. While the remaining kit and harness were seized for the investigation, I immediately ordered a new one and replaced it on my belt. This is the only ifak kit I will use and recommend from here on out. Thanks John and the staff at WPS!

  • 5
    Just what I needed

    Posted by Brian H on Sep 29th 2023

    I’ve been looking for a medical kit that wasn’t bulky and can put what I want in it. My only complaint with this is that I wish the inner clam shell was just an inch or so longer. I really had a time trying to close it and get it on the Velcro. Part of it may be because I have a regular chest seal and not a compact,but still just a little bit more length so that you could accommodate a regular chest seal would be awesome.

  • 5
    Better than BFG Micro IFAK

    Posted by Chase on Jul 7th 2023

    Better than Blue Force Gear Micro IFAK at 3/4 the cost. Love this!


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