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Warrior Poet Society IFAK - Individual First Aid Kit - Belt Mounted Medical Kit



The Med Kit That All the Other Med Kits Are Talking About

Made in the U.S.A.

The new WPS Belt Mounted Medical Kit is the most recent product release from John Lovell and Warrior Poet Society Manufacturing. A sleek, innovative design that allows maximum storage with minimal space. Designed and built to do what other IFAKs can't.

John created this med kit to address a problem that the industry hasn't seemed to answer yet. Most belt-mounted med kits don't have room for trauma shears, and if they do, it tends to add a ridiculous amount of unnecessary bulk. 

The WPS IFAK has a designated trauma shears compartment that doubles as a quick deployment pull-tab, giving you instant (and ambidextrous) access to supplies. Just reach down and give the shears a rip, and you're ready to administer life-saving aid.

Velcro retention straps allow you to adjust the kit to accommodate a variety of medical supplies while keeping things snug. 

Available with medical components or without.


  • Outer sleeve - 6" X 4"
  • Sewn in Tourniquet band - 4" X 2" 
  • 1.25" Velcro Straps
  • Sewn in MOLLE Webbing Attachment
  • Inner Sleeve 6" X 4" with 1" Pull Tab
  • Velcro Loop For Medical Shears on Inner Sleeve
  • Made of laser cut Squadron
  • Made in America

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5 Stars
Better than BFG Micro IFAK

Better than Blue Force Gear Micro IFAK at 3/4 the cost. Love this!