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Ace Link Armor Plate With Polyethylene Composite & Ceramic Backing

Made of thin, lightweight Ultra High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene composite with ceramic backing, the Ace Link III+ PS is an affordable choice for those looking for a cost-effective option to stop rifle rounds up to M855. At 1” inch thickness and only 4.4 lbs in weight, our Level III+ single curve plate is a great choice for your protection needs.

Protection Type/Level: Level III+ Armor will defeat up to M855

Material Type: UHMWPE (Polyethylene) and Ceramic (Silicon Carbide)

Size: 10×12

Weight (10×12 Shooter Cut): 4.4 lbs.

Thickness (+/-0.125″): 1.00 in.


Warranty: 5 Years

Body armor is legal to own in all 50 states, but we can not ship it to the state of Connecticut. This product is not eligible for international shipping.

Level III+ Special Threat Armor Plate - Ace Link FAQ's

  1. How long will it take for me to receive my plate? The Level III+ Special Threat Armor Plate has a lead time 2-4 weeks from the date the order was placed.
  2. Are two plates included in body armor orders? No, all of our armor is sold by the plate, not in pairs.

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