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HRT RAC Plate Carrier For Sale - Best Plate Carrier Setup

Note: This product has a 2-4 week lead time.

This Product does not include ballistic plates. Find plates for this carrier here.


The HRT RAC Tactical Plate Carrier is a multi role versatile plate carrier that is designed to be extremely modular allowing users to navigate obstacles. The base model is easy to don and doff, while holding life-saving plates. The carrier is made from 500 Denier Cordura treated with DuPont Teflon and has attachment points for an integrated Duraflex Buckle attachment system (Comes on HRT Placards) on the chest to instantly don/doff additional equipment based on your operational needs. Our proprietary dual back panel design features dual zipper sections to allow users to configure the back of the carrier with a multitude of panel options based on your specific tasks. The quick detach buckle can be configured for right or left side operation or completely removed. Our optional cummerbunds expand real estate for additional pouches, side-plate pockets, or whatever else you might need to fulfill your mission.

  • Proprietary Dual back panel zippers for user configuration
  • Quick Release shoulder buckle can be configured right, left or none
  • 500 Denier Cordura placard Double Stitched outer carrier
  • Ultra light-weight yet comfortable base system for every day deployment
  • Dual YKK zipper sections to add mission specific panels
  • Secure, easily adjustable shoulder and waist straps allow for comfort fitting.
  • Air flow channel keeps wearer cool. Optional Velcro pontoons or spacers can further extend comfort to long period of use.
  • Carrier fits plates sized 10”x12”

HRT Tactical RAC Plate Carrier FAQ's

  1. What is the lead time for your plate carriers? 2-4 Weeks
  2. Which plates that you carry fit the RAC Plate Carrier? All of the plates that we offer are compatible with the RAC Plate Carrier.
  3. How adjustable is it? The RAC Plate Carrier is very adjustable, with shoulder and waist straps.
  4. With the HRT Plate Carrier how would I mount my Esstac KYWI magazine pouches to the front? You may attach those mag pouches to the plate carrier with Malice clips available under Belts.

HRT Plate Carrier and Body Armor Review


Plate Carrier + Armor Highlights

The HRT RAC Plate Carrier is a solid body armor option. It is comfortable, breathable, comes with the right accessories, and costs less than some of my other favorite brands. Furthermore, the polyethylene armor plates we've found to go with the carrier are best in class.

There are a few things I'm looking for in a plate carrier and in armor plates, and unhappily these things are usually accompanied by a large price tag. I'm happy to report that this setup costs less than competitors while still keeping the goodies I insist upon. 

Let's go through my load out and I'll hit the high points of why the HRT RAC Plate Carrier is a good pick for door-kicking fun.


Plate Carrier & Body Armor HIGHLIGHTS

(1) Shoulder Straps. The shoulder straps lay flat with minimal bulk. This is CRITICAL in a plate carrier so that you can shoulder your rifle, and so many plate carriers miss the mark with awkward buckles and unnecessary bulk. As a bonus, the HRT system has loops to run comms or a camel back.

(2) Replaceable Placards. With 2 clicks you can completely change your load out. Right now I have the 2 rifle mag / 2 pistol mag setup going on but I also got the shotgun placard in case I want to murder IPSC targets with extreme prejudice. For more storage space, the Maximus Placard has got everything you need.

(3) Armor Plates. It was really nice to be able to get plates, placards, a plate carrier, and accessories all in one place and built to go together. These plates by ShotStop are Level III+ SAPI 10x12 inch curved UHMWPE (Polyethylene) which weigh 3.2 lbs a piece. Additionally, these carry a 15 YEAR WARRANTY! The other polyethylene plates I've shopped only carried 5 year warranties. My favorite plates are the Duritium III+ PA plates because the multi-curve fits noticeably better, it weighs in at 2.7lbs and is just .7" thick.

(4) Back Panels. I demand room for operational goodies. This armor carrier is setup for all kinds of zip off panels that also work with tear off velcro options. Though I change my setup periodically, the option that I usually have on is the helmet cinch sack.

(5) Comfortable & Breathable. The inside of the plate carrier has built up channels that allow a lot of airflow in. A carrier with a ton of excess material seems cool until you are pouring sweat and have been wearing your kit for 9 hours. This plate carrier is comfortable and breathes better than the other carriers I have.


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5 Stars
Worth it!

I pretty much can assume at this point anything WPS recommends is worth it. I've used A LOT of carriers over the years, this is now one of my primary ones. You can tell A LOT of thought went into these, from additional reinforcement on areas that rub to the added no cost pontoons. They are worth the wait when you order. I picked up their quick release cummerbund and medium zip on pack as well. The material in these and felt construction feel more robust to me than others at higher price ranges. 100% recommended!

5 Stars

I have done about as much research as you can on these Plate Carriers and always came back to this one and finally did it. Great fit, light weight, waiting for Plates to get here. Did order the cumber bun after wearing this for a while. Should snug up the fit on the bottom straps.

4 Stars
My experience is limited

My first time with any type of armor and I love my carrier. My only complaint is the nylon strap cumberbund it comes with( the only reason I give it 4 out of 5 stare). Upgrade it if you can afford it

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