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Mens Groove Ring - Groove Silicone Rings

The Society Groove Ring® is for the warrior, the fighter, the man or woman that pushes every part of life to the limit. Love silicone rings but miss the form and rigid strength of your metal ring? The Society Groove Ring's® inner-molded band adds form and rigidity to the medical grade silicone, now with a new Edge profile. Replace your metal ring today with this new chamfered-edge design and never look back.

ALL Society Groove Rings® come with a NO BS 94 YEAR WARRANTY. Cut it, stretch it, lose it, no problem. We replace it.



  • Anti-Stretch Tech: Engineered inner-band keeps the silicone ring's shape and prevents ring from stretching, while designed to break safely.
  • Max Breathability: Inner Grooves allow air in and moisture out with a specifically designed contour to give you maximum breathability and performance.
  • Premium Materials: Perfect design with unique medical-grade materials for undeniable quality beyond any silicone ring that came before. In a class of its own.
  • Anti-Hipster: No beard combs or man buns allowed. The Society Groove Ring® keeps you high on confidence and short on the oversized beanies when it's 90 degrees outside...


  • Men's Ring Width: 8mm or 1/3"
  • Men's Ring Thickness: 3mm or 1/8"
  • Women's Ring Width: 5.5mm or 3/16" 
  • Women's Ring Thickness: 2mm or 3/32"



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5 Stars
Great ring

My fiancée surprised me with this ring, it fits great and is comfortable and supports WPS. I love it.

5 Stars
Silicone Surprise

I saw the ring and I bought it, without reading the description. When it showed up (in a nifty metal case) and I saw it was silicone, I face-palmed at first. However, I put it on and it felt great. I came back to read the description and was pleasantly surprised by the warranty and the technology description. Here's what I'll tell you... I'd have never given it a shot, if I'd read that it is silicone. As it turns out, this thing looks and feels really nice. It turned out to be a happy silicone surprise.

5 Stars
Awesome ring!

Love the ring! I got it cause I recently got engaged to the love of my life. I’m letting the world know I am taken! Things have been going great for us and there is a lot of learning to be done. I also love the design. The ring is versatile for me. I can hunt and fish with it, clean my home, handle firearms without losing handling, accuracy, or just having the ring be uncomfortable. It is tough as well and it has held up pretty good. I definitely would recommend. As I have heard it said, Yay 4 that!

5 Stars
Great ring

Great ring

5 Stars

This is by far my favorite product yet!