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Parabellum: Medium Roast Coffee - Whole, Ground

"If you want peace, prepare for war."

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Warrior Poet Society Coffee is here. We took care to make sure that we delivered the highest quality whole bean coffee we could, because life is too short to drink a bad cup of bean juice. Organically grown at a veteran-owned family farm, then proudly roasted in the USA - WPS Coffee is direct trade farm-to-cup.

Warrior Poet Society Coffee is available in three different roasts:

  • Parabellum: A medium roast with notes of rich chocolate, caramel, and brown sugar
  • Memento Mori: A dark roast with notes of creamy dark chocolate, molasses, and toasted pecans
  • Deus Vult: A light roast with notes of milk chocolate, walnuts, and orange.

So, how can a company born in the tactical corner of YouTube pull off a top-tier whole bean bag of coffee? Well, we had some help. We are proud to partner with a local, veteran-owned company to bring this dream to life. These neighborhood roasters have made a name for themselves as they are committed to giving back to the community where their Honduran farm is located by creating jobs and a higher standard of living for the local populace. 

You can find the full Warrior Poet Society Coffee offering here.

Try a cup and see for yourself why these beans are the real deal. 

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5 Stars
Yay for This Coffee

Easily the best coffee I've had. All other coffee brands taste too bitter and lack the addictive factor this coffee has to make me come back for more. Truly a coffee fit for those living with a higher calling! Train Hard, Train Smart, and Caffeinate Smarter.

5 Stars
Memento Mori

The Dark Roast is the only coffee we have tried. We like dark roast anyway. Have two more bags on the way. Try it you'll like it.

5 Stars

Ordered this coffee to try it out before thinking about a subscription. I knew after my first cup it's was a no brainer. This is honestly the best coffee I've ever had. It was super fresh when I got it. The fresh roast date was a few days before I received it! Real quality coffee and I love supporting good companies. You won't regret trying this

5 Stars
Best I've had in a LONG time

I ordered all three roasts of the WPS coffee and this is the absolute best of the bunch, and the absolute best coffee I think I've ever had. I wish S&H wasn't so steep or I'd buy more frequently. To combat S&H I typically buy 2 or 3 bags at a time. I hand grind the beans resulting in large grinds for my French Press coffee maker. The smell is absolutely outstanding and will make your mouth water when you smell it. Five minutes later I'm in flavor heaven. There are notes of oak barrel, dark chocolate, and bits of leather in the coffee. I always drink coffee black with a bit of added water to get the full flavor. This roast does not disappoint, at all! Give it one try, and you'll be hooked! I promise.

5 Stars

Me and the wife love this need to try the rest!!

5 Stars
Deus Vult!

Great coffee! I loved the light blend. Now I've ordered the medium roast. I look forward to trying it. You know guys... it would be nice if you offered this as a subscription service. Just something to think about.

5 Stars
Suprised my wife

Bought this just to see if it was better than our Folgers breakfest blend. My wife and I loved it. I just wish I could purchase it in a store close to me.

5 Stars
Damn Good Coffee

My order of Parabellum (Medium Roast) exceeded my expectations, which were fairly high. Definitely recommend you giving this a go!

5 Stars
BEST Coffee

Love your coffee more than any other I've ever had. Keep it up.

5 Stars
Best coffee and best service!

Ordered the Memento whole beans and received a box of ground memento and parabellum. Emailed them about the mix up and they got back with me super quick with a solution! (They'd send the whole beans and if I didn't receive a return shipping label, I could keep the extras on them.) Greatly appreciated and will certainly be ordering monthly as it's some of the best coffee I've had!

5 Stars

Over the past few years I've turned into a coffee snob and both your dark and medium roasts are excellent. I would strongly recommend them for anyone who can taste the difference between Folgers and a quality coffee. Please setup some sort of automatic subscription. Thank you!

5 Stars
Excellent Coffee!! 5 stars

I just happened into a local store in downtown Woodstock Georgia yesterday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to find that they carried WPS items. I had no idea that WPS was selling coffee so I just had to buy a bag. I picked up a bag of parabellum and brewed a pot this morning. All I can say is Bravo Zulu!! That coffee is awesome! It was the perfect blend of flavors to get me started on a cool morning. I'll be getting more as soon as possible!

5 Stars
Unbelievably Awesome

This is the best coffee. Fantastic flavor, and really top tier when compared to others. Even better, when our first shipment arrived, I was very pleased to discover that it was the same roaster that our local coffee shop uses...both of which veteran owned. Now we can support WPS, the local shop and the roaster...WPS for the win again! Yay for that!

5 Stars
They rose to the occasion.

When WPS asked the Patreon people if they should start offering coffee, and if so, what they would want, pretty much everyone said, “Yes, but it has to be really good, we won’t buy it just because it has WPS branding.” They seem to have heard us loud and clear. The coffee is fantastic. I am a certifiable coffee snob and I think this stuff is top notch. We went with medium roast and it is exactly what you would hope for, smooth and low acidity, with good flavor. This will be my wife and I’s primary unflavored coffee from now on. Thanks for another great product!

5 Stars
Not even lying

This WPS coffee is legit one of the best cups of coffee I have ever enjoyed. You can tell a good coffee when it is still primo room temp. It’s way worth the 15 bucks.