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Memento Mori - Dark Roast

"Remember your mortality."

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Warrior Poet Society Coffee is here. We took care to make sure that we delivered the highest quality whole bean coffee we could, because life is too short to drink a bad cup of bean juice. Organically grown at a veteran-owned family farm, then proudly roasted in the USA - WPS Coffee is direct trade farm-to-cup.

Warrior Poet Society Coffee is available in three different roasts:

  • Parabellum: A medium roast with notes of rich chocolate, caramel, and brown sugar
  • Memento Mori: A dark roast with notes of creamy dark chocolate, molasses, and toasted pecans
  • Deus Vult: A light roast with notes of milk chocolate, walnuts, and orange.

So, how can a company born in the tactical corner of YouTube pull off a top-tier whole bean bag of coffee? Well, we had some help. We are proud to partner with a local, veteran-owned company to bring this dream to life. These neighborhood roasters have made a name for themselves as they are committed to giving back to the community where their Honduran farm is located by creating jobs and a higher standard of living for the local populace. 

You can find the full Warrior Poet Society Coffee offering here.

Try a cup and see for yourself why these beans are the real deal. 

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5 Stars

Great coffee! I love this coffee. They literally ground the beans when it shipped. High Quality Again! 5 Stars baby!

5 Stars
Dark Roast Coffee

Been buying this roast since it came out and it's consistently the best coffee I've had. French press or pour over a single cup at home every day. So glad you started selling it! It's excellent.

5 Stars
Memento Mori-Dark roast coffee

I enjoy a good bold coffee to start my day. Memento Mori is an excellent dark roast without the lingering bitterness that plagues most dark roasts out there. You can't go wrong with this one.