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The Nero: Black Lock Folding Knife With Tip-Up Carry Pocket Clip

The Nero (Italian for "black") is a sleek and slim liner lock folding knife and the latest addition to the Warrior Poet Blade Shop. The drop point blade is made of D2 steel with an extended tang. The clean G-10 handle features a comfortable, scaled grip that bears a tip-up carry pocket clip. The flipper action is smooth and secure with each opening. A simple yet elegant blade for everyday carry from the knife-making capital of Italy. 

Nero Knife Specs:

  • Overall Length: 8.50"
  • Blade Length: 3.75"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.15"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Hardness: 57-58 HRC
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock
  • Handle: G10
  • Handle Thickness: 0.51"
  • Weight: 4.10 oz.

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5 Stars
The Nero folding knife

I just got this knife and I love the smooth way in which it opens. The knife fits my hand perfectly, and I love the fact that it is a larger folding knife. I will now be carrying this knife for self protection, and my smaller folding knife as a utility knife.

5 Stars
The Nero Knife

I've been looking for a good EDC knife for a while, and this is it! The Nero is a fantastic pocketknife that's sharp, light in the pocket, but formidable in the right hands. I'm not surprised it's gotten so many great reviews. Love it!

5 Stars
Throw out you that piece of junk in your pocket

I came back here to give a review of this freaking great knife!I agree with all the other reviews , it is the nicest pocket knife I’ve ever had , and I may even be older than John. This blade looks mean and so super sharp , and still so sharp , really good steal to hold its edge the way it does , besides the ever so smooth way it opens , you flick it out just to see what a scalpel feels like . It’s not a spring assisted open , but it didn’t matter , minimal effort to open .I’ve had sever comments about when the blade is open the crimson inner layer of the knife looks good . Plus we have warrior poet tastefully on all sides . Great pic to represent you.

5 Stars

This knife is class! It looks good, yes, but has smooth action, and is built well. You will not be disappointed.

5 Stars
The Nero

This a a pretty bad ass little knife. Very solid. Great blade. Great scales on the frame. Touched it up on a leather strop out of the box and I promise its sharper than any razor blade made... and it holds an edge great Well worth the money. Thinking about picking up a 2nd one just cuz

5 Stars

Looks amazing with the red accents, is razor sharp out of the box, and the action is incredibly smooth. I can’t stop flipping this knife open… Seriously well done.

5 Stars
Nero Knife Rocks!

Just got my WPS Nero knife a week ago and this is the best knife I own! Well constructed and super smooth action. The blade length is a nice size for anything you may need it for. I have found that the products I have purchased from WPS have been better than expected and extremely useful. I like the fact that WPS has done the research and you get the best value for the money and it takes the guesswork out of making these purchases…great to know in today’s ever changing world. Keep up the great work WPS!

5 Stars
Great blade for a great price

This knife is great. Can’t go wrong with it. Fit and finish are great, looks good and cuts well. Solid built and smooth.

5 Stars
Perfect EDC

This knife is perfect for your EDC! Sleek design with a great grip texture, very fast action, solid locking in the open and closed position, not to mention its razor sharp right out of the box!! Highly recommended!

5 Stars
The Nero

5 Stars Dude…Easily the best knife I’ve seen at this price point. I’ve been looking on a few different companies sites; but the dedication to quality and service from these guys is untouched by anyone else out there. Ultimately their Warrior Poet heart was what won me over because I knew that I could trust in their integrity to provide a quality blade and that’s what brought my business to them. As for the knife itself, it’s an absolutely fantastic piece for EDC stupidly smooth and wicked fast deployment. Great work guys keep it up!

5 Stars

My EDC knife! Love it! Warrior Poet Society makes awesome quality products!

5 Stars
EDC to be...?

I'm loving the simple, sturdy, sleek, slicey Nero.

5 Stars
Gorgeous Flipper

I had been looking to add a "kwaiken" style flipper to my collection, so when I saw this I had to have it. The G10 scales are flawlessly executed with the WPS logo engraved very tastefully. Another tasteful logo on the blade, which is D2 steel. Hard as hell, but can get rusty in a humid environment, so even though I usually prefer satin, stainless, or stonewashed blades I'm glad this has a coating. The red anodized liner is a perfect, subtle touch. This knife is an EDC machine...tasteful enough for the office, but still a monster blade for more difficult tasks. I've gotten tons of compliments on this blade!

5 Stars

It has a sturdy feel, looks good, and the flipper action is consistently easy to use albeit not super quick. That may just be user error, as this is my first flipper knife. Great knife for the price.

5 Stars
Excellent knife and for lefties too

This knife is quality for the price and it works great for me as a left hander carrying in a left pocket, all lefties need this knife

5 Stars
Looks so good Customs decided to keep it.

Was really looking forward to this arriving as a new EDC knife but it was too good for Canadian Customs to pass up as they decided to keep it. At least my camo cap and tactical pen made it safely (both great items). Careful if ordering from CAN, it might not arrive.

5 Stars
Perfect Ninja

With the profile of a sabertooth's fang and an edge like one of Wolverine's claws, this mean...knife is ready for action. Officially endorsed by the International Union of Butter Churners for its smooth-as-butter action and with a grip that feels like the scales from a titanium skinned obsidian viper, this EDC knife is ready for taking out roaming bands of cyborg samurai or slaying dobermann-sized dragons. If you're looking for a blade that makes other knives swoon and diamond-edged ninja stars green with envy, look no further than the WPS Nero.

5 Stars
Nero Pocket Knife

This sleek and stylish pocket knife is perfect for EDC. It's low profile and narrow design keeps it out of the way in my pocket. It's sharp enough to shave with right out of the box. It's not quite as fast as some of the other knives I might carry but that's not enough to warrant a lower rating. The hint of red on the liner lock and the WPS logo are great touches that only add plus signs to the overall product.

5 Stars

Amazing EDC knife. I carry it even over way more expensive knives, extremely smooth.

5 Stars
Nero Knife

Very well made. Slime and elegant. Feels good in the hand. Fantastic price. This well definitely be an addition to my EDC. Did I mention the price!? Highly recommended.

5 Stars
The Nero

Just wow! Presentation of the knife was outstanding blew expectations out of the water! The knife is beautiful and elegant, absolutely a must buy! Smooth action, clean lines, extremely sharp, great addition to you EDC load out! Very impressed and pleased! Great job brother!

5 Stars
Nero knife

This is a must purchase knife, at the price this knife is way undervalued. Slick, sharp, light, effortless opening. Blade is long and narrow giving a good reach. Great for slicing dicing skinning and cutting into deeper areas that a short blade can't reach. I am going to buy another as a spare in case this one gets lost.

5 Stars
Beautiful knife.

Very smooth and consistent action. Very sharp. Light. The thin profile fits nicely for EDC.