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The Warrior Poet Way Loadout

Warrior Poet Society

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The Warrior Poet Way Loadout 

Some call it the Warrior Poet Starter pack, a collection of nessisary items, including the manual, as you begin your journey as a War Poet. Train Hard. Train Smart. Protect. Defend. 


(1x) - The Warrior Poet Way - Autographed Edition

A Manual for the Fight of Your Life 

From the founder of the Warrior Poet Society, a daring (and bestselling) manual on how to become a dangerous—and good—man.

There is a war on masculinity, and everywhere we look—on every front we hold sacred—we can see the painful reminders of this collapsing order. The chaos and crisis we are experiencing today should be a signal for men everywhere to rise up; to fight to preserve our way of life by once again walking the ancient paths. But this isn’t a journey that need be taken alone.

In The Warrior Poet Way, public speaker, former Army Ranger, and all-around patriot John Lovell offers a needed antidote to the lack of strong men in our modern world. This is a call to all men to be what they truly are. Both dangerous and good. Lovers and fighters. Lions and lambs.

Both philosophical and practical, this guide dispenses essential advice on how to be a whole man, from tyranny-proofing your home to wooing the right woman. Through anecdotes of his time in the military, interviews with other men, and practicums at the end of each chapter, Lovell teaches the virtue of balance—navigating the tension between violent warrior and romantic poet—and guides men through each mental and physical change they must make to embody the ancient spirit of a real man.

(1x) - War Poet Bookmark

Lion and Lamb Bookmark

This is a call to all men to be what they truly are. Both dangerous and good. Lovers and fighters. Lions and lambs. On a much less dramatic note, it's also just a bookmark. 

But not just any bookmark (cue the drama again) - one that serves as a reminder of who you are and who you are called to be. It's also the perfect accomodation to a copy of The Warrior Poet Way.

(1x) - WPS Challenge Coin

The official Warrior Poet Society Challenge Coin has arrived. This brilliant pewter coin features rich enamel fillings and detailed engravings to form a work of art that is full of depth and meaning - a tangible token of freedom. This coin serves as an emblematic keepsake that carries with it the WPS ethos - a dedication and commitment to sacrificing one's self in order to protect others. Over time, the pewter will develop a beautiful, natural patina that only gets better with age.


  • Pewter coin
  • Colored enamel fillings
  • 2" diameter
  • Approx. 6 oz. 

(1x) - WPS Tactical Pen

The WPS EDC Tactical Pen is a multi-functional EDC tool with which you can quickly and easily pen important intel or incapacitate unwanted pests or perps. The WPS Tactical Pen also functions as a glass breaker, which can be useful in a car escape scenario. As an added bonus, the carry case can also serve as your own WPS branded cigar tube!

Blue and Black ink cartridge refills are available here.


  • Weight: 0.10625 lbs
  • Length: 5.75"
  • Ball-point with replacement cartridge included
  • Carry feature: O-ring-washer-secured cap
  • Designed in the United States



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