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The Warrior Poet Way - Autographed Edition

Warrior Poet Society

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A Manual for the Fight of Your Life 

From the founder of the Warrior Poet Society, a daring (and bestselling) manual on how to become a dangerous—and good—man.

There is a war on masculinity, and everywhere we look—on every front we hold sacred—we can see the painful reminders of this collapsing order. The chaos and crisis we are experiencing today should be a signal for men everywhere to rise up; to fight to preserve our way of life by once again walking the ancient paths. But this isn’t a journey that need be taken alone.

In The Warrior Poet Way, public speaker, former Army Ranger, and all-around patriot John Lovell offers a needed antidote to the lack of strong men in our modern world. This is a call to all men to be what they truly are. Both dangerous and good. Lovers and fighters. Lions and lambs.

Both philosophical and practical, this guide dispenses essential advice on how to be a whole man, from tyranny-proofing your home to wooing the right woman. Through anecdotes of his time in the military, interviews with other men, and practicums at the end of each chapter, Lovell teaches the virtue of balance—navigating the tension between violent warrior and romantic poet—and guides men through each mental and physical change they must make to embody the ancient spirit of a real man.

This book is a manual for every man to use in the fight of their life—and what it takes to win. No good thing comes easy, and the life you want is just on the other end of what you don’t want to do. This is the Warrior Poet Way. Are you ready to walk it?

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John Lovell is the Founder and CEO of the Warrior Poet Society – a values-based community dedicated to physical protection, the pursuit of truth, and living for higher purpose. His message has garnered over 100 million views across social media and streaming platforms. John is a former war veteran and Special Operations soldier, having served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. After his military service, he served as a Christian missionary in Central America full-time. Today he is a video content creator, public speaker, firearms trainer, and homesteader. John lives on a small farm in Georgia with his wife and two sons.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Warrior Poet Way a book for all ages?

Yes, The Warrior Poet Way teaches critical life lessons that will ring true for men of any age and walk of life. It is a roadmap on how to become the best version of yourself - masculinity included. A younger boy may read to understand what it truly means to grow into a strong man of courage and principle. An older man may read to correct some wrong turns or to more accurately walk the path of the Warrior Poet that he has since strayed from. Perhaps he was never before able to find the road to begin with. The Warrior Poet Way should be walked by all men that feel called to it, so that we may learn how to fight the toxic war on masculinity.

  • Why is there a war on masculinity?

There is a battle raging outside of the home of every boy in America. Right now in our culture, there is an outright attack on what it means to be a boy and a man and the future of our country. Our culture wants to weaken boys and men, remove their fight instinct, pacify them with empty pursuits and entertainment, and make the world safe for tyranny. And it starts with not allowing boys to be boys.

This is an inescapable reality: the world is not a safe place, and it's not made any safer by weak, pacified, and passive men who play video games all day instead of living a real adventure.

We want to raise up a generation of men who feel the freedom and even the mandate to respond purposefully and constructively in a dangerous world. We don't want to live under the illusion that the world is or should be a safe and comfortable place. We want to be conditioned, trained and equipped to respond to a world that is dangerous in different ways for every generation.

  • 5
    A must read. There is something for everyone in this book

    Posted by Dugan Anthony on Feb 10th 2024

    I believe the importance of the message in The Warrior Poet Way so much that I started a book club with some of my friends for the purpose of exposing them to this book and to help us grow into the men God calls us to be. It is invaluable to have a guide to lead my family by on my bookshelf. I’m blessed that God led me to Warrior Poet Society/John Lovell, Nick Freitas, Jocko & Echo, Mike Glover, Shawn Ryan, and guys like them during my developmental years as opposed to what many of my peers are finding nowadays. My wife and I have one little poet on the way, and I’m excited to impart the wisdom learned from The Warrior Poet Way into his life as well as any other children we are blessed with.

  • 5
    Awesome book

    Posted by Jocko willink on Nov 4th 2023

    If your a person who needs to become a savage I highly recommended this book.

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