WPS Ankle Med Kit - How to Save a Life

Lieutenant J.D. was on duty when he and his crew were dispatched to a penetrating trauma call.

Someone was on a stabbing rampage.

J.D. and his team from the Porter Fire Department were sent to one of two locations where victims with multiple stab wounds were found. The rescue company had been assigned to the other location. As soon as J.D. arrived and assessed the situation, he realized one of the three victims had a life-threatening injury to her back, between her ribs. Air bubbles in the blood.

He immediately concluded she had a sucking chest wound and would need to act fast. The scene was chaotic and demanding of urgency. Doing his best to keep the woman calm, he realized the chest seals he needed were with the other medic unit, a football field away. That’s when J.D. remembered his Warrior Poet Society ankle medical kit.

Made in America

John Fisher Jr. grew up in Houston, Texas. Like most Americans raised in the heartland, he was driven to love and protect freedom. It wasn’t a hard decision for him to join the military, but when he was deployed to Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne in 2007, he encountered challenges to his faith for the first time in his life.

He had always believed in God, but it wasn’t until he was standing alone in Afghanistan that he truly saw what it meant to walk daily with Christ and make him the center of his life. The brotherhood and camaraderie of the military made a lasting impression on J.D. He knew once he had finished his time in the service, he would devote his life to developing his love for people in a similar way. That devotion is what drove him to join the Fire Department.

Porter is a small suburban town in Montgomery County, northeast of Houston, Texas. With a population of around 35,000 and growing, Porter feels a lot like most suburban towns. Friday nights are for football, commuters zoom through in the morning on the way to Metro Houston, and the locals will use the Home Depot as a landmark when you ask for directions. Just in front of that Home Depot off of Loop 494 is the Porter Fire Department, Station 121, where J.D. works.

J.D. found out about Warrior Poet Society while browsing YouTube for videos on guns. The first WPS video he watched “looked to be crudely done with a cell phone camera,” but it didn’t matter. He was hooked. Since that chance encounter, he has subscribed to WPSN and has been a supporter on Patreon as well. He also purchased the WPS ankle medical kit, seeing the benefits of its practical application.

When Preparedness Pays Off

As the woman lay suffering before him, J.D. pulled up his pant leg to access the medical components he had loaded in the WPS ankle med kit. He cleared the area of the wound, brushing away as much blood and debris as he could to give the chest seal a clean surface. In less than two months of owning a WPS ankle med kit, it had paid off. Those critical seconds saved by a $130 med kit worn around an ankle was likely the difference between life and death for this woman. It would have taken Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, 20 seconds to retrieve chest seals 100 yards away. Though he is quick, by his own admission, J.D. is no Usain Bolt. Thankfully, John Fisher Jr. is a Warrior Poet, and is always prepared.

“Thank you for coming up with a way for me and others to be consistently and practically prepared for the unlikely. It truly is a lifesaver. By the way, I like John’s idea of calling it ‘The Cankle’. – Lieutenant J.D. Fisher Jr.