Cobalt Kinetics Pro Series Review

by Warrior Poet Society

If you're looking for a high-end AR-15 with premium features out of the box, the Cobalt Kinetics Pro Series might be the one for you. We've ran this through the ringer with nearly 3,000 rounds and have nearly zero negative and lots of positive things to say about this rifle.

This is a direct impingement-driven rifle chambered in 5.56. The upper receiver is constructed in 7075-T6 billet aluminum, the handguard is built of 6061 aluminum.

It features a two-stage Geissele G2S trigger, a Radian Raptor LT charging handle, a Cobalt 45 degree throw safety, and ambidextrous mag release. Other premium features include the high-quality Rosco barrel, B5 Systems pistol grip, and the Vltor A5 buffer tube housing the Cobalt Pro buffer system.

Of course we have the Warrior Poet Sling on nearly all of our rifles, and the slings come in varieties with the Jedi buckle and with the newer adjustable feature.

Seamless Construction. The way the handguard and the barrel interface into the upper receiver make it feel like one contiguous, "monolithic" piece of material welding seamlessly together. While shooting, this amounts to more stability and, potentially, greater accuracy.

For this piece of the rifle, Cobalt used a reverse thread nut to hold the barrel really tightly in, providing a more hardy construction at the point of potential failure for most AR-15s.

Ambi Mag Release Speeds Up Tactical Reloads. For the all the left handers out there, this rifle provide mag releases on both sides, and they do it very well. This is a feature unique to this rifle and would certainly be a plus, especially for left-handed shooters.

Astounding Recoil Management. The softer recoil combined with the way optics responded on this gun made it feel almost foolproof for recoil management and accuracy.

Accessories to Mention. We also outfitted the Cobalt with an EOTECH Vudu and a Cloud Defense light. We also used a Stock Sock and an SBA3 brace.

Our overall impression after roughly 3,000 rounds is that this is a very good gun. It's certainly not the cheapest gun out there, but for the quality of build it's worth the extra cost.

Whatever rifle you choose as your go-to for target, defensive, or whatever, train on it.

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